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Rattly Breathing Rss


Since my little one was born she has a rattly breath its not all the time only sometimes more so when she is sitting. I took her to GP (actually 2) who said it wasnt a cold and only some mucus at the back of her throat that made the sound. When I hold her I can feel the flemmy type feeling which to me sounds like it is from her chest. Has any one else experienced this and what did you find or what were you told it was? She is 3 months old now.


VLL, Vic


If I remember Kyla had that too when she was younger (8 months now) and the drs said the same thing...just mucus. I also used to be able to feel it and it always felt to me that she had bronchitis or something but her chest always sounded clear.
Guess its just one of those baby things. It cleared itself and she is fine now.

Hi vll,
My dd had the same thing and it's apparently quite normal (I expressed my concerns with CHN also - she said it was excess mucus). She is 4 mths now and I can't even remember when - it just stopped happening. Hopefully it will stop for your bubby too as I know it doesn't sound nice!

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

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