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Now clingy at 10 months? Lock Rss

Hi everyone
I work two days a week and have family members looking after my daughter on those days, mostly in our home. My daughter is normally a very independent little mite however this last four days cries when I am not in the room and even when I am there, wants to be picked up all of the time. It is wonderful to receive so many special hugs but not 12 hours a day!!
She has two bottom teeth and seems to be cutting some more. I am not sure if this change in personality is due to teeth, anxiety, the "clingy stage" I have heard about (does this happen at 10 months? What do you do to assist? How long does it last?)
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Karen, SA, 9mth baby

Hi little chicken, my very independant little man went through exactly what you are speaking about around the same age. They call it separation anxiety. It just happened over night and was just painful. He would scream the house down unless he was touching me in some way. I tried a lot of things like being honest and saying I am going to be doing blah blah but will be back in a little while or I will be just over here. But nothing really worked. I was advised to not be sneaky when leaving him but to tell him you love him give them a hug and kiss tell them you will be back later and leave. I was told to not linger as this only make is worse and to just leave without them knowing makes them not trust you. I wish I could tell you some great words of wisdom but I didnt learn any. It does get better as they get a little bit older apparently but it can peak around 18 months of age. My son is a little bit better. I changed day care for him and he does seem happier. The staff are also wonderful and know when I leave to pick him up say goodbye mummy and they stay with him until he settles which isnt very long. I used to think it must be so nice to be wanted so much and to have a little one cry just for you, but once it happens a few times it just becomes ridiculous. It is a very demanding time for you. He also use to get angry with me and would only go to my husband for a short time. That was until I walked away and he would be screaming for me again. Good luck!
My baby girl, Jesse is doing exactly the same thing, like you she has just started. I love the daycare she goes to but I feel so horrible and guilty leaving her! She is also teething, but this tends to become the excuse for everything lately and I wonder if in Jesse's case it has anything to do with it?
My daughter just had her 9 months health check up and the same thing happened to her. The nurse warned me about it, which I was already aware of as Ella gets upset around strangers coming too close to her (she's okay at the shops thank goodness). The only advice she gave me was that Ella will grow out of it and it just takes time. It's heartbreaking to watch, but just a normal part of their development.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

My little girl went through that stage, starting just before she turned 6 months old. Being a stay-at-home mum i found it so much easier because i would just pick her up when she wanted to be picked up and it didn't interfere with what i was doing. I learnt to do things with one hand, and to do things quickly while she was sleeping. The child health nurse told me i was doing the wrong thing, and she would only get worse if i did that, but it only lasted for 5 weeks. Now she's quite happy playing by herself on the floor while i go about the routines of daily life. She likes to know where i am, but doesn't get upset anymore if i do leave her with my mother to do some shopping without her tagging along. It doesn't last forever. I tell myself whenever she does things like this, or if she cries and won't stop crying, that when she turns 15 it will be a different story. I will want her to spend time with me and she will have her own friends and won't want me to spend time with her. That keeps me going a little smile
Good luck with everything, and chances are she doesn't cry for long when you leave.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

hi well my daughter who is 10 mths old is also just started this a month ago some days i cant walk 2 feet away without her crying she follows me everywhere if i go into the bedroom and she is right at my feet within seconds she has now got to the stage where she dosent like anyone else to put her to bed except mum she has only got worse since she started to get teeth i am hoping this is just a faze and she will grow out of it soon.
My son has been going through the same thing since he was about 6 1/2 - 7 months, he's now nearly nine months. Our child health nurse said it's seperation anxiety and it's a normal part of their development - and yes it is only temporary, thank goodness!!! She said in most babies it peaks at about 9 months and by 12 months they'd rather be with anyone but mum. She said it's really important to reassure them because the more secure they feel now the more independant they'll be later, as during the first 12 months they are building trust in us. It made sense to me and my son seems to be getting less clingy now. Hang in there. Hope this helps.

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