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Bub's losing weight!! Lock Rss

About a month ago I weighed my bub and she was 5.5kg. When I weighed her again on Tuesday she had dropped down to 5.4kg. She's breastfed and usually only has about 5 feeds a day. She seems happy after feeds, but I'm starting to get a little worried. She's 4 months old now and still in 000's. she was born 8lb 2oz, so it's not like she was a small baby. Has anyone else had this??

Sam and Hayley and bub

Hi hayleys mum. My little princess has not lost weight but is a slow gainer, she too was a big baby born 9lb 2oz and is 4 months old tomorrow and still in 000's. She now weighs 6.1 kgs and is bottle fed (has been from 2 days old). If you are worried have her checked by your gp or CHN. Good luck!!!

Scarlett 19/01/06. Hamish 16/07/07. Isla 05/02/13.

this sounds so normal

my baby was born 8 poun 5 (oucheeesss),she was full breastfed for 4 months,they drop and gain,and then she'll go through a huge growth spurt

nothing to worry aboutxxx

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Hayley's Mum,

Try not to worry, my bub doesn't put on a lot of weight either, he has been known to have only put on about 40grms in 2 weeks on a number of occasions but then he may put on 100 - 200 in a week, my bub is 7 months and weights 8kg - he is happy though like Hayley and that is the main thing and his also a very active fella and never stops! The Paedatrition isn't worried about him so I am now content and try not to worry as much about him as I use to.

Mummy to Ryan 22.10.05 & Luke 11.9.07 Tassie

hi hayley's-mum
Adults weight can vary everyday depending on what we eat, what we do, our metabolism etc by 1-2 kg. Babies do the same thing but on a lesser scale. Also depending on whether they are weighed fully naked, clothed, with or without nappies, different scales - there are a lot of variables. If it was around 500 grams then I start to be a bit concerned.

Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

hi, did you use the same set of scales? my health centre and paeds scales are different by about 150 grams, my daughter is 14 months old (7lbs 14 oz)and now just fits into size 0 clothes, paed said if shes happy dont worry,

Kim, mum to Kiandra 3 and baby due 29/06/09

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