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Is there anyone who can relate to a baby with reflux and give me their story?

Southland NZ

Hi there,

I too have a reflux baby however it is getting heaps better every day. When bub was first born it was just horrible - it seemed that whatever he drank just came straight back up again! I had towels drapped over my shoulder all the time and bub constantly wore a bib!! It does get better with time...Ryan is now nearly 7 months old and hardly brings up any milk now - not that he is a big milk drinker (bottle fed) 9/10 times he just screams when he has to be fed sometimes he refuses to drink altogether which I worried about but I can't make him drink can I! Hang in there, it will get better just remember that it isn't bubs fault that they have reflux and every day it will get better with time!

Mummy to Ryan 22.10.05 & Luke 11.9.07 Tassie

Hi there
Both my kids had reflux.
With DD she would always be crying, unsettled and throwing up. At 10weeks the Dr tried her on mylanta which didn't work so we then tried Zantac and thickned formula. This worked wonders and gave me a happy, contented baby (although she still chucked) She was on Zantac to 8mths and continued to chuck until 11 mths when she started walking.

With DS he started chucking at 2 weeks and I asumed he too had reflux. He was throwing up very large quantities and had lost weight but I thought he just had it worse then his sister. luckly I have a good Dr who after first testing for lactose intolerance and UTI did an US which showed he had a condition called Pyloric Stenosis ( a blockage at the bottem of the stomach). he was operated on the next day and as it turns out babies with this condition more then likely end up with reflux. He started screaming at every feed so he was put on Zantac which helped alot although he still hatted his bottle and would only drink small amounts at a time. He was on Zantac till 8mths and stopped chucking when he was 13mths and walking.

I am so glade that all of that is in the past now as its not much fun having a little baby who is crying all the time, refusing feeds and not sleeping well. plus I don't miss all the extra washing.
Two things I found helped a little was changing their nappy before a feed not after and putting them in a rocker for 20min after a feed.
My DD started to spit up in hospital but was told normal and the size of the teats of hospo bottles were too big for her. She was pre-term so was on formula feeds to keep up her glucose levels to avoid a stay in NICU. Started breastfeeding soon after and still spat up but did not think anything of it until she was about 6 weeks when she started screaming when I tried to burp her and would only sleep and stop crying when we walked around with her.

After a few weeks of this decided this was not normal so took her to the Dr and she was given Infant gaviscon. This reduced spit up but not the pain. So I went back and she now takes 1ml Zantac 3 times day. She is a different baby now - smiles loads daily and sleeps from 9pm - 4/5am every night! The occassional 3am wake up but not very often. Before the Zantac she woke up two-three times a night.

One night I was up with her for three hours with her screaming, pulling at my hair etc. I was in tears!

The zantac is working well so hopefully it will get her through til she grows out of it. I also bought her an Amby motion bed - its a hammock bed and she sleeps much better in ti than a normal cot as it allows them to be slightly upright and when they move a wriggle it rovks and bounces them back to sleep pretty quickly.

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