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he purrrring... Lock Rss

Hi mummys.
Ive got a slight problem... Jett purrrrrs.
Its in his chest and you can hear it in the mornings especially bad. He'll cough but he cant seem to bring it up.
i havent been to the docs as yet.
does anyone know of anything i can give jett to help clear it up.
he's 5 months old.
any suggestions would be great.
thanks heaps


that is sooo cute....and stange i guess
i have never heard of this
i guess if you are concerned mabey get it checked out to put you mind at ease

mabey his telling you something???.... "mumma i wanna try some whiskers"



Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Beth, sounds like he has a little mucous build up. It often happens when they wake up in the morning as it settles there overnight, but when he gets up and starts moving and has a bit of a cough and he will be able to clear it.
You will need to see a Dr if you think his breathing is getting worse/wheezy or if he has a temp.
A lot of bubs get what they call brochiolitis (not bronchitis). It sounds like a really wet cough and and that gurgling sound in their chests, again nothing you can do about it except if you think they are getting wheezy or a temp.
My twins have had 2 bouts of this in the last 4 months. They grow out of it at about 12mths when their airways start to get bigger and widen.
BUT if in doubt ALWAYS see your Dr


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