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herbal medicine Lock Rss

Hi All,
has anyone used a herb called meadowsweet to treat babies reflux??

Would love to hear from you.

My son has just started to take Zantac and I hate the thought of giving him drugs, as We use natural remedies whenever possible.

Just wondered if anyone else has had success with it?

Kind Regards,

Vicky,NSW, 5.12.05

Hi Vicky, I have never heard of meadowsweet, but before you start combining natural with western medicine, check with your pharmacist to make sure there will be no drug interactions.
One of my sons used Zantac for reflux, it did work really well. we had to use it twice daily for about a month, and then as he started moving around, we cut it back to just at night time. At 8 mths we stopped using it all together.
Goodluck with your bubs reflux- it is really a painful and messy problem for our little ones.


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