hi there
i know there are numerous posts of teething but i really need some advice.
my bub is getting is 2 top eye teeth and they r casuing him all sorts of grief.
it has been going for about 10days now and this is whats happening,
*very red cheeks
*very swollen cheeks
* very swollen gums
* very snotty nose
*Very dribbly!
* he has a huge dribble/teething rash
*crys all the time, nothing can compfrt him
* can hardly eat, doesn't drink much milk.
* very disturbed sleep.

ok heres what i have tried:
* panadol
*teething relief gel
*teething relief liquid
* nurofen 4 babies
*teething rings
*cold face washers
*icy poles/ ice cube
*gummy teething dummy
*putting his teats/dummy in the freezer

ok thats it!
the only relief he is getting is short term then the tears come again.

his gums are all puffy and swollen, its so horrible.
as i said its been happening for about 10 days and im almost at my wits end.
any suggestions??
is it worth maybe taking him to a dr??
any help would be great!!!