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Teething & Bottles Lock Rss

Hi there,

My 8 month old son has two bottom teeth and it looks like his top two teeth are coming through. He usually has two bottles a day but the last two days i am really struggling to get him to finish 1 bottle. I have heard that they dont eat as well when they are teething but i am really worried that he is not drinking his milk, is this normal with teething and has anyone else experienced this. He seems to be eating his solids normally but its like he has been put off his milk. Any help would be really appreciated.

Hi there,

For the past week and a bit my daughter has been getting her top 4 front teeth and has also stopped drinking as much milk as she was. She is 8 months as well and for some feeds (she has 5 bottles but only bout 100ml in each) she was only having 40ml. I didn't think much of it but now 3 of the teeth have come through and she has started drinking more again in the past day or two so maybe it is from teething. See how he goes once the teeth come through or in a few days and if he doesn;t improve then maybe ring your MCHN just to check smile
I have found with my DD that sometimes when her teeth are hurting she prefers a sippy teat on her bottle rather than a normal one. I think this is because her mouth is sucking this shape _ rather than this shape 0 her lips dont have to pull so hard over her gums. My DD is nearly 9 months and has her bottom 2 but I can see the top 4 all just under the gums, some days you can see they have cut through a bit but the next day it has gone back in. We also find it helpful if we give her something to hold while we feed her , we hold her milk bottle she holds a dummy or small toy to look at and before shes realised, the whole bottle is gone. Without this distraction we are lucky to get her to drink more than 100ml each bottle (4 bottles per day).


Min,NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05


When DD got her 2nd tooth she refused to drink at all! I ended up squirting milk in her mouth with a syringe and gave her Nurafen Infant Drops as the Panadol didnt do anything for her painful gumbs. The Nurafen contains anti-inflammatories to reduce the swelling and pain. Was definately a winner for teething for us.

She took her solids well also, so gave her lots of pureed pears as the watery pears gave her some form of liquid at least.

When it happened the CHN I rang said to try to feed her with a soft medicine cup (like the ones the hospital give ur medicines in) but I found that very hard as she was such a squirmer and it ended up everywhere! I found the syringe easier to use.

Also, I use SM-33 gel rather than Bonjella now. It has an aneasthetic

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