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Is there such a thing called racing brain? Lock Rss

Is my aunt lying to all of us. She said that the doc told her that her grandson has what they call a racing brain. I've never heard of this and everyone I know haven't either. She loves to make things up. She also made it a big comp between our boy of how does what first. (Crawling, teething sitting so on so on) It bugs me that she does this. She tells everyone that Tim is a cry baby crying all the time. Which he isn't. Anyway I've got side tracted for a minute.We all think she's making it up. I'd just love to know if anyone has heard of this and what is it if it true. thanks

DS 13months

Wow, I've not heard it put that way. Your Auntie sounds like a bit of a character...

I have read and been told how their mental development can leap ahead of their physical at times. Its noticable say before they crawl or walk - when they get particularly frustrated. Its like thir brains know they want to move, but their little bodies just haven't got it all together yet (if that makes sense). Soon enough though, their physical development catch up - its not like a condition or any-thing.

The other thing I've heard of is some babies having more of a processing mind. My DH is an excellent example, in that his brain doesn't switch off as such when he sleeps. Its quite complicated, some-thing to do with that REM sleep stage - or other mumbo jumbo I don't quite understand. Its linked to his wrestless behaviour at night, dreams, sleep talking, twitching etc. I'm pretty sure its not related to intelligence or any-thing like that, if that is what your Aunt is referring to.

About the crying thing, its rather funny as most older people say things like 'my babies never cried'. AS IF !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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