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Eczema Lock Rss

The Dr's have told me that my 5mth old twin has eczema. His face, neck and shoulders has this rash on it all the time and it's starting to weep and it smells funny. The Dr gave me this stuff called Lemnis fatty cream which doesn't seem to be helping him. My MIL gave me some Elecon which has steroids in it. She uses it on her son (he's 12yrs) but she told me the Dr's will advise me not to use it because Josiah is so young. I havnt used it yet coz I don't want to harm my baby but it's getting really bad and I feel sooo sorry for him coz he wants to scratch all the time. He has socks on his hands 24/7 and hates it. I'm taking him back to the Dr's this avo but just wondering if anyone knows of something natural or not so harsh that has worked for you??

Mummy to Lucas 11.10.03, Josiah & William 14.12.05

Hi mummyluv, one of my twins also gets eczema.
It is a tricky condition to treat at times, the important things to do are: Use a soap free, fragrance free wash in the bath..ego have good products. Go to a pharmacy and get advice on what to use in the bath.
Do not let them get too hot. Hot skin gets REALLY itchy. Make sure you use cotton directly on to the skin and no synthetics on the skin. At night time this is when bubs can get really hot and the skin gets more inflamed and bubs will scratch more.
If it smells funny, there maybe some infection in the eczema, this will need to be cleared up...the product I use on my sons skin is Medihoney Eczema Cream. You can buy it from pharmacy and the supermarket. It is based on honey..which is anti bacterial and very soothing. I found it to be excellent. If there is a little infection in the rash this product will help to heal that as well.
I had a staph infection from a surgical procedure and nothing could clear it up..anti biotics, medicated wound dressings. Finally after 2 months of daily dressings and constant Dr appointments I decided that I would use this companies wound gel, and within 1 week it was all cleared up.
It is also an Australian company which to me is another bonus.
I hope you find a treatment that works for your little man. Good luck


Hi, my son also has as it, He is 4mths old, my Dr has him on hydrocortisone cream and I bath him using QV oil and I also put QV lotion on him after bath, it is working really well, I no longer use fabric softener on his clothes or nappies and I use omo sensitive soap powder, Hope it improves for you soon...

ive put a post in here before about this topic.
i use to get exzema really bad and my mum use to bath me in lightly sea salted baths. it worked wonders. give it a try coz the sea salt isnt harsh and sooths too. i still get it pretty bad on my hands ond sometimes soak them in salty water to easy the itchyness.
about the elecon.... i wouldnt be using that cream on your bub coz its pretty strong. my doc gave it to me too and because of the steroids in it, i personally wouldnt be giving it to a 5mth old.
what about some calomine lotion? That also help too.
Hope this has been a little helpful to you.
good luck with it.


Hi there, my little girl is nearly 7 months old and i was told she had eczema when she was 2 months old. Ive managed to keep it under control after the initial outbreak.
I only bathe her 2-3 times a week and inQv oil or nothing in it, the QV flare up oil is great for outbreaks. The only thing i wash her with is Qv wash but not everytime, make sure the water is luke warm.
I have derm-aid cream, available from the chemist which has hydrocortisone in it but a low dose, i use this when it gets bad other wise i lather her with Qv cream which is more moisterising than the lotion twice a day.
I wash all her clothes in a hypo allergenic detergent.
Never allow bubs to overheat as this puts them in a scratching frenzy!
I keep her nails really short.
Ive used the lemnis fatty cream and it is great for the dryness but if there is an infection present it will be too coating on the skin and not allowing the infection to breathe.
My partners boy gets really severe eczema too and we have to use a different product every week as he starts to develop immunity to one thing if we use it too much and it stops working!
As for the scratching we do something that works wonders for him, havent had to try it with bubs yet but we have a pair of exfiliating gloves that we LIGHTLY tickle him with to soothe him to sleep when he is frustrated and scratching!
Your bubs is a bit too young for the elecon as it is quite strong, i read someone recommended medi honey, ive heard only good things about this too but you need something anti biotical to clear that infection up first and then eczema is just a big game of keeping it under control!!!
PS swimming, in salt or chlorine, dust, heat, certain foods (citrus, dairy, wheat and sugar) are all irritants, maybe look into this a little too as everything to help prevent outbreaks is a bliss!
Good luck with it, let me know how it goes!
Sorry its a long post, hopefully you got something out of it!

Yvonne, Sadie 31/10/05 Jorjah 08/07/07

I just read your message,i am studying naturopathy myself and eczema is generally a dairy allergy,but mostly it means you have candida in your gut.Which means the bad bacteria have taken over the good.Mothers pass it on to children in the womb.Steroid creams are bad news,they thin the skin and build up in the liver.My advice would be go to a good naturopath,ask about a liquid acidophilus and bifidus culture.It will kill candida in the gut in 6 days.Taking a cup 3 x a day.You can also give it to babies.I would try this before cutting out dairy.If there is one thing ive learned its that if your gut is out of balance,it opens you up to a host of problems.It will help to clear out eczema out of the system.I would also advice cutting down on the sugar,its bad for children,its suppresses the immune system.A good fish oil is important too,i suggest cod liver oil(amounts on the bottle).Melrose is the best brand.Doctors only treat the symptoms,where naturopaths treat the cause.Let me know how u go?Josie
My breastfed baby girl is nearly five months old. Around 14 weeks she started to get dry red patches on both elbows, the Nurse recommended we bath her in Alpha-Keri oil, keep her away from wool, acrylics and soaps, apply Olive Oil during massage, limit baths to 3xweek.
By 18 weeks her arms, shoulders & neck were dry and red and she developed a slight infection under her chin (& big bubba cheeks). We visited the doctor who recommended Hydrozole Cream. The Hydrozole Cream worked well to clear the infection and the redness. Though like all mums I do not like to use harsh products on her delicate skin. He also recommended I regularly apply sorbelene cream.
At 20 weeks the severity is not as bad but she still has dry pink coloured patches that could flare up.
I have read that protein in the mothers milk can pass to the baby and cause ezcema. I would love to hear if anyone knows about a breastfeeding mums diet being a contributing factor.
I have read that animal/plant products can cause irritation too (eg pawpaw & teatree)??
Sorry for long post...Im keen on this topic.


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