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blood in urine Lock Rss

my bub has gotten a cold over last day or two and is throwing up most feeds and not feeding much - which is pretty normal for him when has a cold, but have also noticed a reddish colour in one area of his nappy once or twice and think it might be blood in his urine but not sure as he then did a pee on the rug which i saw and no blood in it and all other nappies have been clean - any idea what this might be or what might be causing it???

robert 15 feb 06 qld

hi there

i had it happen to my dd when she was about 3 days old, it was very pale pink, but i totally freaked but the nurses reassured me that it was just the urates, babies kidneys need to mature to filter out the urates....

i just read in 'baby love' by robin barker that 'a pink stain may be present in the young babies nappy. this is harmless, not blood but a substance called 'urate', it is often present in the urine of young babies until the kidneys become mature enough to filter it out. urates can be present until as late as three months of age.'

if it is more red than pink i would be going to the doctors and getting it checked out...


Kristie, tvlle, 3.5yr & newborn

If I was you I would get it checked out by your GP.
It could just be that your bub is a little dehydrated but it could also indicate a UTI which in little boys could mean problems. I found blood about the size of a 10c piece in my DS nappy when he was 3 weeks old, after taking him to the Dr and having a urine test done it turned out he had a UTI. He then was put on antibiotics and had to undergo several tests to make sure his kidneys were working properly, luckerly all was fine.
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