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Ho do you know if its constipation????? Lock Rss

Hi girls!
Im not sure if my baby is constipated? He has been straining really hard and only maybe 2 little balls will come out and they are normally pretty hard. If he manages to have a big poo its really thick and like playdoh. Im sorry for the descriptions but i was not sure how to put it so you could give me some advice.
Finally if he is constipated what can i do about it?
Thanks in advance for your help smile

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

Hi Kylie,

The little pebble poos could be a sign of a bit of constipation. It has been mentioned before that if the poo doesnt mark the nappy at all then thats a sign. As for what you can do to help him:
You could put a bit of brown sugar into some cooled boiled water and offer that to him (really helps) and some mums have suggested a little prune juice or pear juice.
Have you changed to stage 2 formula lately? That can cause a bit of constipation, as it is harder for them to digest.

Let me know how it goes smile xx

Hi there Kadesmum

My DD had very bad constipation a while back and no she wouldnt drink brown sugar and water either.

She was the same as in the poo was one or two tiny very hard pebbles and was consantly straining to get it all out. Finally i was sick of seeing her in such dicomfort and went to Chemist.

Pharmisist gave me some tiny little glycerine sorpositries (sounds extreme i know) but was quite easy and painless for her, with in minutes of putting one just inside her bottom she was able to go, apparently they disolve quickly with the temperature in there and make it slippery so it is easy for them to get it out. (sorry for all the graphic discriptions).

It was worth it i can tell you and havent had a problem since.

Although if you are not sure you want to go that way and he is on solids then pureed Mango or apricot is great too.

Hope this helps


eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?


is it all sorted out now

My daughter had bad constipation on s26, i had to change her formula & the dr also gave me coloxyl drops to put in her milk...

Hope that helps smile

Ella: 2 years Eden: 1 year

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