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Hi everyone ,
Just wondering what creams/powders has worked for there little ones nappy rash. My DD has very bad nappy rash at the moment from explosive poos. I have been using paw paw cream and it doesn't seem to be helping this time.
My best advice is that if you are using wipes, stop using them for a week and see if that makes a difference. Lots of nasty stuff in wipes, and they leave a residue, which reacts with bubs bums, especially when the acidity levels of their wees or poos change.

Good luck smile

Lis - 31, DH Noel - 30, DS Will - 26/12/05

Hi Bri's Mum,

I use Sudocream and my bub has never had nappy rash and he is 7 months old. I normally apply once he has done a number 2 and so far all is good! I definantly would recommend getting some, it has a grey lid and you can by from you supermarket.


Mummy to Ryan 22.10.05 & Luke 11.9.07 Tassie

you can buy sensitive wipes for bubs rear end
as well as lots of nappy free time lots of baby powder rubbed in well will keep bums nice and dry too

if you are booby feeding i have heard squiting milk on there and rubbing it in helps?!?

just so you know paw paw cream does contain fruit acids which may irritate the area though this doesnt happen alot

zudocreme and amolin creams are also good

best of luck

Lillie....1 year old!!!


DS had severe nappy rash last week caused by teething (I think) - I tried paw paw but because of it's acidity, DS screamed in agony! I got some Daktozin from the Chemist, heaped it on and it was all clear the next morning.

I'd definitely recommend it!


Kerry, WA, DD 09/00 & DS 11/05

Hi Kristen

Occasionally nappy rash turns into a fungal infection which isn;t fixed by the normal nappy rash creams. Kezzapie suggested Daktozin which is an antifungal and zinc cream. It is specially designed for fungal nappy rash so its an excellent choice. You do need to keep applying it for a few days after it has gone to make sure it doesn;t come back.

I would suggest talking to your pharmacist and describing the rash and they should be able to tell you if it sounds like a fungal infection.

Hey Ebony wait till you see mimmy's wee girl - she is gorgeous (so is mim too!!)

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

I have two children and I use wet nappy liners to wipe little bums. Then I use cornstarch powder or sorbeline cream normally redkins nappy rash clears up within 24 hours.

Hopefully you will have a clear bum soon
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