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At what age can you introduce a cup? Lock Rss

My son, Ben, who is now 16w old, is now bottlefed.
And I know that now he's on formula he needs to be drinking water but he doesn't like it from the bottle. I've read other posts where others have suggested it's probably b/c he associates the bottle with milk. So the only way I can get water into him is with a spoon. But I wondered if it was worth buying one of those sipper cups. I don't know if 4 months is too young. Has anyone had their littlies on a cup at this age? And if so, do you recommend any particular brand of cup? Thanks!

Lisa. Mum to Ethan 25/9/2000 and Ben 6/5/2003

Hi Lisa,
Even though my son initially liked drinking water from his water bottle, he didn't drink much. I, too, had also read about giving it to them out of a sipper cup, but the holes are too big and he nearly choked it came out that fast. So unless I could find one with smaller holes or plug one up I didn't keep going with it. As much as I hated the idea of introducing juice at an early age, I have just started. He was only drinking water for the last 2 months and not much most days (only about 1 ounce) and I have just started putting 5-10ml of apple and prune juice in his water bottle. On the bottle it says to make up the mix 50:50 but the tiny little bit I put in, even though it really colours it, only just adds enough taste to change it. He loves it and drinks the whole bottle (120ml) now in a day. I tasted it myself and can hardly taste anything so it's not very strong and with only a little bit of juice in it, I don't need to keep it refrigerated like you would need to for juice. It has also really changed his bowels motions. Double bonus.

He doesn't mind that it's in his bottle and it's easy for him to pick up and use himself, whereas the cups are heavier and bigger and if you tip it up, the water just runs out. I leave it on the mat near him or in the pram, etc and he reaches it and puts it in himself, so he gets drinks all the time. (BJ is 6½ months old)

I would be interested to know if there is a cup with small holes in the lid or how other mums get around that, too. Once BJ is used to drinking that then I can start weaning him off that and maybe he will drink just water.

Good luck.

Hi Lisa,
I have a 7 month old daughter and she doesn't like straight water either. She will drink it out of a bottle though only when i add a tiny bit of Apple & Blackcurrent juice to it. In an Avent bottle that goes to 125ml, i would add 125ml of water and just fill a little closer to the top with juice and she drinks the lot. I have just weaned her onto formula for protien and iron and stopped fully breastfeeding and she loves the bottle for anything now. I can't use a sipper cup as the holes are way too big for a child of this age and she seems to choke on it when i try. I think give the cup a go at maybe 10 to 12months. It's no big deal and no one says you should use a cup. If he doesn't like it, you're not spoiling him by giving in. Good luck with it.
hi Lisa,
I started my daughter, 5 months on a cup for a different reason (she is breastfed and dislikes the bottle) when she was 4 months. I am using an Avent 'magic cup' which is suitable from 3 months. It has an anti spill mechanism which slows the liquid flow and a soft spout which can be sucked on to get the liquid out. I have to take the anti spill mechanism out because my little one won't suck - it needs to drip into her mouth. At first she would only take 20ml from the cup but I am gradually increasing it each day until she is drinking a decent amount. It takes time - I read it can take 4-6 weeks for babies to learn to drink from a cup . Good luck!
I use the heinz baby basics bottles and they have a seperate teat you can buy which is a trainer sipper teat. It took my daughter (5 months) about 2 weeks to learn how to use this properly and she drinks water and juice using this teat. I am waiting another week or two before exchanging it for a real sipper cup so ill let you know how i go!!!!!

celeste,wa,baby Ella

my son is nearly 8 months old and has been using a sipper cup since he was about 5 months. he would absolutely not drink water or juice from a bottle and so i got the cup for him. he still doesn't drink a huge amount but he loves his cup. i personally really like the tommee tippee sipper cup. the top is a lot like a teat and they have to suck to get anything (no spills) you can then remove the valve when they get older. they are not cheap, around $14 but well worth it

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

My daughter has always been breastfed, but even though it's said that they don't need water, living in north queensland is a little hotter and more humid than living in other places, so i started giving her small amounts (around 20mls a day) when she was 2 months old. Being big on breastfeeding, i have never allowed her to have a bottle, so i bought a soft spout Avent cup for her, and she had to suck the water out of it. I have now moved on to a tumbler without a top at all, she is now 7 months old, but we started using the tumbler when she was 6 months old. She is now drinking around 200mls a day of water, but still having 7 - 10 breastfeeds a day (as well as 3 meals and 2 snacks a day of solids!). It's worked for us, but a good one to get would be the Pigeon Cups if you can find them. My little brother had those, and they are just the most wonderful invention. You get the cup with all the different tops, like the mug top and the straw top and the spout topp, that just screw on. They're expensive but definitely worth it. I'm still looking for a set. They are only sold at selected pharmacies.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

My daughter wouldn't drink water from a bottle either, so I tried a normal cup, but that got a bit messy. I ended up getting the Pigeon sipper cup and it is great. Bub does need to be able to sip though, as it does have a valve in it. When I first used it, my baby wouldn't sip, so I took the valve out for a little while, but then I just put the valve back in and she soon worked out what to do and happily sips away. My friend tells me that you can buy an "attachment" for your Avent bottles that turn them in to a sipper cup. I think she said you could get it from Big W.

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

hi lucky mum,
i have found that the same thing was happening with Krystal and found the cups i use are from woolworths or big w they are a set of six cups with lids they are $6 for the set and she actually has to suck to get it out which is good they are bright coloured cant remember the name of them but are found in the bottle section and are really excellent for a child that wont drink from a bottle.
let me know how you go with them .
i hope i was of help

Tracey-daughters Enica & Krystal EDD 28/7/04

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