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A little puzzled-whinging alot!! Lock Rss

I have a 13 week old, who normally is very content until recently where now if I leave her to play on her own (she has plenty of toys and variety to her day) she will whinge and whinge, I can go over to her and sing, play etc and she will be all smiles and If I leave within 10min she will start again. I do the usual checks nappy, hunger, one thing I have noticed lately she constantly has her hands in the mouth...teething??
anyone with suggestions??

Allison,QLD,Ava 21/2/06

It might be a sucking thing my bubs is 12.5 months old now but when was only a couple of months she tried sucking her thumb, naturally I thought she wants a feed, so I tried to feed her and she refused I then gave her a dummy and wallah she loves her dummy problem solved. Some babies just need to suck.

But with her grizzly when you walk away, my little girl was clingy for a while she just might be having a seperation issue with you.
Hi Ava's mummy,
My Charlie (4mths) is the same at the moment and she is teething. Really clingy - used to play happily on the floor, now I have to be down there with her. Hands in mouth is a big sign, it's hard when they're so little cause it's not as easy for them to put things in their mouth (except hands!) Also has rosy red cheeks and is drooling buckets. That's def one possibility but who knows they're funny creatures it could be anything!

All the best

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

Hi, I have a 19 week old who is doing the exact same thing & it is driving me crazy. I feel like I can't get anything done while shes awake, because all she does is whinge & I have to keep going to her & then she's all smiles. She also use to be very content to play on her own. I get these weekly updates on babies development & it says -" Your baby knows she's the star of the show, and like all great divas, she'll want your eyes on her at all times. She thrives on your attention. Don't be surprised if she deliberately tries to get it by dropping things, banging objects, or even crying out when you turn away. She's not acting up, just discovering the principles of cause and effect — when she calls, you jump!" So I'm hoping it's just a developmental process she is going through & it will pass soon. I also remember my youngest son doing it. My little girl has had her hands in her mouth for past couple of months & I don't believe she is teething, babies just enjoy sucking on their hands. Hope that's all helpful & good luck to both of us.

Cheryl, Qld, 2 boys & a baby princess

Yikees could be teeth

though she will be at the stage where "Oral Exploration" is so much fun!!!!

if she starts to show other signs of teething:
rosy cheeks
not sleeping well
putting everything in her mouth
then mabey you are dealing with tething

give her a wet face washer and see if that make her a little happier

best of luck
p.s remember it can takes MONTHS for teeth to appear

Lillie....1 year old!!!

hi there

my boy is 18weeks, but around 15weeks he started this, once i was able to leave him to play and be amused by the simplist of things (light fittings) now he just wants to be where the action is &/or constant attention, he has shown signs of teething too but i am hoping the grizzling & attention seeking is just a passing phase as its extremely exhausting some days. Im hopeless though as i cant leave him to grizzle for too long & i end up walking around with him and doing what he wants "entertaining him" unfortunately this means i dont get things done but its amazing what you can do with one hand! sorry i dont really have any advice or suggestions just hope that it soon passes for all of us dealing with this.

Stacey, WA

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