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Hypospadias Lock Rss

My 8month old boy has just had surgery to fix his hypospadias he is doing so well and hasnt needed hardly any pain medication. Has any other family had this surgery?

Lette, NSW, Jack4,Astyn8months

Hi Lette,

Sounds like your little man went really well! Our son is booked in to have his surgery on 24/7. I have been really worried about his recovery and pain etc, but sounds like it shouldn't be too bad. His is fairly mild, but it is still a bit scary. They have to check if he has chordee as well but won't be able to tell till he is under general. How does your son's look now after a month? Does is still look sore? Did you have him circumsised at same time? doc said it will look like a truck has run over it for a while...very scary. Wish us luck!!

Mel & Mitch

Mel, NSW, 8mth baby

Hi Lette & Mel!

How are your boys going? linsley is 6months old now, our surgeon wont operate on him till he is over one weve seen him twice our last visit before setting a date for surgery is november. Linsley will have to be circumcised as his foreskin dididn't develop propery and they need what there is of it to reconstruct his urethra.
I am so scared about the operation! I just want him to feel normal as he grows...
hi everyone, just letting you know there is another forum on hypospadias in the newborn health section, from sheree

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