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Teething problems - please help Lock Rss


I have 9 and 1/2 months old daughter. She has always been sleeping through the night and never had any issues with settling her for the bed time.

She has started teething when she was 7 months old (has only two lower teeth so far). For the last three night she has has been waking up almost every hour and I am so exauhsted. I was thinking that she is teething again but cannot really tell by looking at her upper gums. When she was teething at 7 months old she did not have any problems and would sleep through the night however it has affected her eating at that time. Could anyone please tell me if upper teeth could cause more pain and make baby more unsettled than lower teeth? Or is it something else that makes her wake up (i have not added any new foods to her diet)?

Thanks in advance,
Maria, mum of Sara
hey there

my wee girl 8months has 5 & 6 teeth on the way.
i know how you feel, i found the top two way worse than the bottom two, and they took longer to come through which made it worse, i was told its because theyre bigger than the bottom ones.
haleigh wont eat her 3rd solid at the moment, and sometimes she wont even have all of her bottles, but she drinks lots of water which i find helps her gums (she likes it straight out of the fridge).
haleighs been waking in the middle of the night aswell, i just give her a wee cuddle and kiss and she usually nodds right back to sleep.
if you are really worried take her to your nurse/ doctor for reassurance, if you have to (as a last resort) baby paracetamol works, ive only ever used it once, but it did help settle her through the night.

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

My son Kyle is teething at the moment and he is off everything. The only thing that he will eat sometimes is yoghurt or custard and cereal in the morning. I was wondering if any of you have the problem of running nappies for four days, his top teeth coming down.
We find that our son is waking does a scream and goes back to sleep it ranges from one or two a night to having a scream every hour.
He woke at 4am this morning and we had to give him a bottle to settle. We are back to four to five bottles a day cause not eating.
I feel as if we are going backwards and I will have to start all over again?

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