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My 7 month old son Julian has been severely constipated since starting solids almost 2 months ago. He is breast fed and has an occasional bottle of formula when I work on a weekend (not every weekend). His diet of solids now consists of only Apple, Pear, Pumpkin, Carrot, Brocolli and Spinach. I put pureed prunes in his Apple. He doesnt get to eat rice cereal (for fear it will block him up) and he drinks LOTS of water with his meals. My GP advised me to give him Coloxyl Drops 3 times a day plus Parachoc (we are now up to 10mls) each morning. He is having such a hard time and it's really stressful to deal with. He's such a happy bub but the constipation issue is a daily battle. We have to "assist" him in doing a poo (EVERYTIME) by laying him on his back, knees up & often helping him to "start" going by using a suppository that comes straight back out with the poo following. I've got an appointment with the Paedeatrician on 21 June. I spoke with my Early Childhood Nurse just the other day. She suggested that it is possibly a "Pyschological Block" - as in - he is possibly scared to push out the poo for fear of it hurting - as when he first became constipated he would scream in pain. HAS ANYONE HEARD OF THIS OR EXPERIENCED IT WITH THEIR OWN BABY? I am feeling robbed of this gorgeous period in his life. My 2 year old Brock suffers when I am upset and I get cranky & (I hate myself for this) take it out on him etc etc. Plus I feel a sense of frustration towards Julian which then leads to feeling incredibly guilty. Can anyone help? I just feel so frustrated by the comments... just give him sugar in his water... just give him prune juice etc. I know my family and friends are only trying to help but this is serious. I'm desperate to change a big fat poohy nappy!!! Please help me... Coz smile

Hi Coz

You poor thing... DS was constipated for a couple of days and that was bad enough for me! But this is your life day in, day out!!

Friends of ours had the same problem with their firstborn DS (who's just turned 7) and they had to cuddle him each time he needed a poo. It sounds weird I know, but whenever they got "the signs", they'd pick him up and cuddle him and hey presto! Funnily enough, I remembered this when my DS was constipated and gave him a cuddle, and it worked!!! Perhaps your bubba just needs some reassurance. From what you've said about his diet, it's strange that he is constipated... perhaps it's just an association.

It's rare if my DS has a wet only nappy ever, but when he does need to go (usually straight after a bottle), I sit him on my lap facing me and have a chat while he strains away. DD loves it! It's our little poo time...

Good luck!


Kerry, WA, DD 09/00 & DS 11/05

Hi Coz,

You poor thing - it's so hard to see them in such pain. It sounds like your doing as much as you can, I'm not sure if I can offer any more advice as you seem to have tried everything I know of. I have heard that the coloxyl drops are good but have never used them with Isabella.

Have you tried baby massage?? This might just relax him and get things moving.

My little one got quite constipated when we started her on solids and to make matters worse we switched from breast to bottle at about the same time so there were two new things for her little digestive system to get used to. We also have had to "assist" on a number of ocassions which is horrible.

We tried everything, the good old sugar in water and prune juice but nothing worked. For weeks we were getting these little pebble poos and at one stage there was nothing for nearly two weeks! I had heard that pear is good for losening their bowels so I started giving her rice cereal mixed with pear juice in the morning, apple and pear puree for lunch and potato, parsnip and pear at night. After a few days we were finally rewarded with a decent poo (isn't it sad to think that we get so excited about poo!)

I think you are doing the right thing by taking him to see a paedeatrician, I would if I was in your situation.

All the best, I hope you get your big pooey nappy real soon smile

Rachel, WA, Isabella 15/10/05

A lady at my work once told me that she would use pure soap - perhaps it was glycerine soap - cant remember exactly, but I think it would be similar to the suppositiory. She would get a finger nail size scrapping of soap and put it inside her daughters bum hole. She said it worked for her, if you call the 1800 number and ask what soap it might have been, they might have a better idea or perhaps call the childrens hospital and ask to speak to a child nurse. I am so sorry for both of your pain.

Sometimes i have the problem with my 7.5 month old and i give him infant friends, it's natural and it works a's sounds like you are doing everything right and it's good you are getting it checked so best of luck


im sending u a big hug from me and jackson.hoping things r gettting better 4 u
hi coz,
I was just reading your painful story and have to say i share this story with you. my daughter is 9 mths old and suffers from constipation, so bad at times i have had her at the emergency ward in the middle of the night. I have tried everything and finally found that pure sugar free apple juice was working mixed with around 50ml of water and then just today had her at the doctors again as she has developed severe nappy rash from the acid in the juice "WHAT IS A MOTHER TO DO?" at times i just used to cry because there was nothing i could do to ease her pain, its heart breaking. I have also had her bowel scaned and x-rayed for any abnormalities and she has been tested for syliacts diease (i think thats how you spell it) its an allergy to gluten, wheat; flour etc. I feel that maybe now she is just scared to go because of all the trouble and like you i have tried coloyxl drops and found they are no good for us. The nurse at the hospital also said to me that the more trouble she has and the more she has to be "assisted" with getting it out the more she will not want to go. The doctor has now given us a natural laxitive that works "actilax" although any long term laxitive will cause there bowel to be lazy I wish you so much luck and would love any other mothers to post there remedies or ask there grandmothers for the good old remedies and to let you know you are not alone in this !!!!!!
Wow, reading this reminds me of ME & my 3 year old daughter. I have Crohn's Disease, which is a form of inflammatory bowel disease, ulceration & inflammation of the intestines. I have always had trouble with the toilet situation, & definately have had 'Psychological Block' myself, because sometimes it is just too painful so I stop. I have the disease under control now, but as an infant I was always consipated & in pain. Mum used coloxyl & suppositories & parachoc etc... & prune juice, sugar in water... you name it she tried it.

My daughter showed signs of constipation even when she was breastfed. (yes no matter what the pro's say, breastfed babies CAN get constipated). We started with coloxyl drops & suppositories, but ended up giving her watered down apple/bcurrant juice or apple/pear juice, with breakfast daily or twice daily. I regularly took her to the chiropractor to adjust things & this helped enormously. She's now 3 and doesn't get blocked up nearly as much, but I can tell when she does as she refuses to go to the loo & have a bowel motion. There's the 'psychological block' again. She has skin tags around her anus (as do i) from slight tearing & some haemarroids.

She never used to eat vegies (would vomit at the smell), but is now getting them 4-5 times per week which really helps the poo department. They are pureed for her too, so she doesn't get sick, & therefore come out smoother at the bottom end!

Because of my history, she's being closely monitored by me (& the doc is aware of the situation).

I guess my suggestion (& you've had lots) is to go to a chiropractor & see what they can help you with. Factors including birth weight, birth trauma, or a plain sailing birth could contribute to the sluggish bowel, therefore causing constipation. I wouldn't suggest this if it hadn't worked for me, both my children have been treated by the chiropractor since they were 3wks old.

Forgot to add, my son has no issues with his bowel motions... thankfully.

Goodluck with your baby...
Hi Corrie,

I thought I'd touch base with you, in regards to our babies constipation issues. Well I'm happy to report that it seems that the Actilax has helped Salma. In her case it has soften her poos so dramatically that I am now one of those mothers that has to smell their babies bums to see if they have done a poo. I know... as strange as it sounds I love it. Compared to the cry's of help and hearing her push for hours on end these days I have no indication of when she has done her poos.

My peadiatrician is happy with the results but thinks we may mave to continue her on the Actilax for a couple of months so she has no fear of doing a poos - so theres no pshycologial scaring. So now its only 6 mls a day.

Ok I hope Julian situation has improved,
Keep in touch

Kind regards


Eloise_ Salma 8 mths


how is it all going? any problems still, if so, loo up hirschsprungs. My son has it

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