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dont know whats wrong- Lock Rss

my 8 month old daughter has 4 teeth with number 5 & 6 still trying to come through.
normally shes an extremly happy baby, but lately shes been a real grump, shes been crying lots, she wont sleep, and now wont eat her solids (usually on 3 meals a day, now id be lucky if she even eats a few spoonfuls of 1 meal maybe 2), shes bumped her milk intake back up to 6 bottles of 150mls, (usually 4 - 5), drinks around 150ml water most days, and has had a few runny nappies. shes not sleeping much in the day, last 2 days hasnt even really slept at all, and she wont let me leave the room without her, sometimes i cant even sit her down.
ive tried just about everything i can think about.

can any one help?

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

I don't know that there is any-thing in particular you can do, or that it gets any better as such. DD fluctuates from being a perfect little bub, to being a typical type 'teether' - although we haven't seen a new tooth in months. Some-times it ends up she has a little cold, or like last week - a mild bought of gastro - but generally, I can't put her fractious periods down to any-thing but teething or growth spurts. It is really very frustrating and I am constantly asking my friends with older bubs what is going on and what can I do about it. All I do is make the most of the great periods, where every-thing is perfect - then when we hit a rough patch, remind myself it will pass soon enough - lol.

Your bub sounds very sookie and clingy. DD gets like that when her teeth are moving and obviously causing her grief. She also gets like that when she has a temperature or a cold. I have no cure other than panadol if its really bad, or lots of cuddles and attention. That is a double edged sword in that I have to kind of wean her off that special treatment when she is all better. I tell you what, being a mum is by far, the hardest thing (mentally) I have every had to deal with.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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