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Eczema face bleeding, advise please Lock Rss

My 8-month-old DD got terrible eczema on her face, and each time when her broken skin has finally healed into scar, she scratches the scars off at night, which made the skin bleeding and broken again, so it never gets healed. In the morning her mitten is covered with blood stain, my poor little one!

I wonder if I can put a piece of gauze on each side of her face to cover the broken part for a couple a days, let the scar falls off naturally and hopefully the skin is no longer broken. But question is, how to fix the gauze on her face? Will the adult band aid hurt her supersensitive skin when peel it off?

Has anyone also experienced this?
Oh poor little darling....

Have you spoken to your local GP? Personally I think that would be the best bet. My cousins baby had eczema and his mum was a ska%k and never went to the doctors. he is now a year old and has scars from top to bottom. And they look TERRIBLE. I feel so sorry forhim.

Yeah anyway I was saying before i got nasty, lol, that if you go to the doc they should give you some cream and while your there you could tell them about the problem that your experiencing with the blood etc. I am sure they would be more then happy to help.

I could say 'yeah go ahead put the band aid on her face and the gauze' but I wouldn't really be certain. I would hate for the gauze to increase the mositure or something and make it worse. And I would hate for your daughter to be in more pain because i was a total dumbass and told you too put a band aid on her face. Personally I dont think I would put a band aid on my daughters face... But then again I have never been in a situation where i thought I might have too.

It is tough being a first time mum, am a first time mum to a 6 months old gal, let-a-lone a first time mum to a baby who is 'sick'.


Hi,i know people recommend to go to the doctor,but they only will give you a cortisone cream which isnt good at all,and they only treat the symptom.On the other hand,a naturopath will treat the cause of the eczema,and i highly recommend going to one.They will most definately cure the eczema.Ask about getting a liquid probiotic,that is high strength.Babies can be fed it by a dropper.I have eczema myself,which i only cleared this way.Trust me,its the only thing that works!!All the best,josie
Hi there - your poor little bub! It's heartbreaking isn't it? My boy has eczema too but fortunately hasn't yet worked out how to "scratch" he just "rubs" the itchy parts so no blood as yet.

My Dr gave me a script for cream called "2% LPC in BOZ" I have no idea what it is (am I a bad mum or what?!?!?! lol) but the chemist had to mix it up for me and it was a private script (about $14 if I recall correctly). Dr told me to put it on when I noticed the eczema coming on (red patches etc) and that it should clear it up within a day or two. She said if this didn't work then he may need a cortisone cream which I am not keen on myself.

Sorry, no advice for the bleeding but maybe this type of cream would be an option for your little one?

Oh by the way, it works a treat if I catch it in time. It also takes the itch away from any that I miss that ends up breaking out.

Good luck smile

Robyn - DS 14/01/2006 DD 5/7/2007- NSW

have u tried wrapping hands at nite my partners little boy used be bandaged both arms both legs and his torso until we realised that if he hasnt got his hands out he cant scratch we use tidigauze its a tubular bandage almost like a sock we tie one end put his hand in then tape it only on the bandage above the wrist he cant pull it off so he cant scratch can rub a little but doesnt make nearly as much mess


Hi First Time Mum,

You must be so heartbroken seeing your little one like this - and exhausted from trying to stop her from scratching..... I know the feeling. I would get so frustrating with my 11mth DS from scratching.

He has eczema patches around his neck, behind his ears, elbows, feet and I've just noticed a little patch on the back of his left hand.

Like most mums, I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun. Products from the pharmacy which worked best for me was undiluted tea tree oil and Dermeze. I would dab tea tree oil onto the eczema patches with a cotton pad at every nappy change and then use Dermeze as a moisturizer. It's really greasey stuff so if you live in a tropical/humid area, this may not suit you. Undiluted tea tree oil was the only thing that helped with the patches on DS's feet BUT it never got rid of it completely. However I was told that undiluted tea tree oil is too strong for babies and to diluted with a carrier oil. 5 parts carrier oil to 1 part tea tree oil. I tried this, but didn't work at all.

I have now found something else which has fully controlled the ezcema. I went to a chinese herbalist who gave me some herbal tea and some lotion. I swear it worked within days. I also had to adjust my diet slightly as I was breastfeeding. The only thing is that each person's 'makeup' is different so what worked for my DS may or may not work for you.

Good luck though and let me know how you go.

Priscilla, Cameron 09-09-05, FNQ

Your post brought tears to my eyes it's so distressing to see your beautiful bub like that. My little 6 month old has eczema I use a cream call XMA Skin Therapy it's natural (just look it up on the internet) I also put mittens on her. I have had good results but it didn't cure it.
I have also visited a naturopath she is on some drops before feeds and I have had to adjust my diet (i'm breastfeeding) I am slowly seeing it disappear.
Good luck


Elli- Kayla Malou 10/2/06

I experienced the same thing with my 5 month old daughter. When her face started bleeding we went to the doctor who prescribed a cream to clear it up otherwise it could have become infected (this cleared it up within 3 days!). They also gave us some very good advice to minimize the risk of it returning:
* sleep with a vaporiser in the room to reduce scratching (moisture in air helps the itchiness)
* wash baby clothes with sensitive skin washing powder (Omo Sensitive is what we use)
* use special sensitive skin bath washes and have water only lukewarm instead of hot. (we use Dermaveen Bath & Shower Oil)
* wash baby every 2nd day instead of every day as this irritates skin
* dress baby in cotton clothes as synthetics irrate their skin

I also use PawPaw cream on her cheeks which is the worst part of her eczema and put this on her cheeks morning and night. Basically the aim is to keep their skin moisturised as much as possible and reduce contact with possible irritants.

Anyway, good luck! It does get better!!

Mum to Kayla born 15.03.06 & Maya born 14.06.08

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