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PLEASE HELP Waking up screaming! Lock Rss

Hi Tim will be 9 months in 3 day. He has had a cold for the last week, he is pretty much over that. Last 3 nights he is waking up scream. Last night it was 12.05am up screaming. I tried everything I could think of. Just after 3am he did a lot of farting and a nice runny poo, then the crying and screaming stopped. I put him to bed and he went to sleep. until 7am. I've been to the doctor today and she told me that he is fine and there is nothing wrong with him. HELLO! something is making him unhappy. He was starting to sleep through the night until he got his cold. Any suggestions would be great as my husband and I need some sleep.

DS 13months

hi there

my dd has done that as well... when she was about 6mths (from memory) she had just been in hospital for 4 days and when we got home she started waking at night (was sleeping through prior to this) screaming like she was being hurt!!!

i totally freaked out the first couple of times, but i noticed that as soon as i picked her up she would just instantly calm and fall back to sleep (sobbing for awhile)...

i put a post on this website and from the feedback i gathered she was having nightmares!! she only did it about 3times and then just stopped... smile

emmah is a self settler but when this was happenign i would race in and just rock her until she was ok... it took me ages to get back to sleep after that though!!

just play it by ear, maybe he is just going through a nightmare/dreaming stage....


Kristie, tvlle, 3.5yr & newborn

Hi My Ds has been doing that over the last month when he cut his teeth and also when he has a cold. I too thought he was constipated and gave him 150ml with a tsp of sugar in it. sometimes this helped too; teething gels, panadol, baby vicks (for the cold).

But you know what helped most...bringing him into sleep with least we all got some sleep. Even though i know its not a good habit. Its hard to make them happy when they are screaming, a lot of love and cuddles sometimes does the trick, even though all you want is sleep.

My MIL uses a hot water bottle in one of those furry things that seems to help too.

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

do you breastfeed?

When you said he was cdreaming then did a runny poo i was thinking mabey you had eaten something very acidic like fruit??


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Joshua does this when he is teething, i was up a couple of times every night for the last couple of weeks, but found he's teething, he usually gets runny poos and his cheek usually goes red and hot and a bit of a cold, once the tooth FINALLY comes thru he's fine and goes back sleeping the night thru.
It does get frustrating though when you desperately need your sleep. Hope he startes sleep thru night again SOON!!! Good Luck

Laura, NSW, Joshua 28/6/05, Jackson 8/7/07

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