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How do I know if it's excema? Lock Rss

Hi all

I was just wondering how you can tell if your child has excema. She just has a small patch of dry red skin in a circular shape on the top of her shoulder. I will take her to the doctors but in the mean time I just thought I'd quickly ask you all.

It's been there for a while and we changed her over to QV bath oil, and QV moisturiser, but it's still there.

My partner had excema as a child too so I'm suggesting that's probably what it is right?

Hi, it does sound like excema, tho i dont have kids yet, my friends daughter had quite bad excema and it sounds like that. My friend used to bath her with oats in a stocking! (Ie she would put oats is a clean stocking, then put that in the bath), as she was pretty bad, she could not use any kind of soap, and the oats seemed to clean her, and leave her skin soft. I hope this helps, but def get it checked.xx
Itactually doesn't sound like eczema to me but thats just my opinion.

Ive never foud ezcema to have any kind of pattern to it liek a circle) my sons is always like a big splash of dry red mess.

However my mum often has these small dry circles (about the size of a 5c to 10c peice) which is a type of dermatitis.

So def keep your appt with Dr and let us know how you go smile


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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