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is it normal? Lock Rss

Hi, my DD used to poo frequently but now does maybe one a week for the last three weeks. She is only breastfed. She also does not seem to drink as much in the mornings. I don't know what's going on with her. She is three months old. Can anyone help me?

Jordan, NSW, 3mthbaby

If she is still happy and not crying when she does her poo or doesn't seem to be in pain then it is normal, B/F babies can go atleast 10 days without pooing, if it is still the normal colour and texture it should be fine, you can always check with child health nurse...hope this helps

Hi there this is really normal. My boys use to go after every feed, then at around 3 months they started to go once a week. As long as the poo is soft and they are not in any pain...just enjoy less messy nappies. The only draw back is when they finally go IT IS A HUGE POO. I use to hope like crazy that I would be home when they eventually went so I would be able to clean them up in private and have the extra wipes needed to to it.


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