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Reflux Lock Rss

Hi All

My baby Brayden has been diagnosed with having reflux. A week after coming home from the hospital Brayden suffered what we thought was an epiletic fit and rushed him into hospital. The doctors ran tests and our Paedritician advised us to go and have an EEG. This test came out negative. I was just wondering whether there are any other mothers out there who's babies suffer from reflux. Our solutions so far is having to put thickener into Brayden's every feed and to tilt his bed. It would be good to speak to other mothers in the same boat.


Bridget, NSW, 1 toddler and 1 baby


My son had reflux from around 2weeks old till 6mths old, he grew out of it slowly - and after 2mths on medication, he is almost better.

He still has thickener in his bottles now, and hes nearly 10mths - we've tried cutting out the thickener but as soon as we do, he starts chucking again so obviously the reflux is there a little still.

We found burping him a few times during a feed helped alot, and also small but frequent feeds.. my son was having only around 100mls every 2 - 3hrs, if he drank anymore he would suffer a couple of hours later. It is hard over night as hes still hungry every few hours. Even now he never drinks more than 130 or 150 at a his choice obviously! and is s till feeding frequently.

Since he started solids at 6mths he got alot better, but we found to begin with some foods would set the reflux off. If he has something 'fatty' now he seems to suffer a bit.

When he was younger, and had really bad episodes of the reflux we found Mylanta worked fantastic! we only used 1ml .. this was suggested by our Dr by the way. And it worked within 5mins or so to calm his tummy.

We used to sleep him on a pillow in his cot also, by using a single sheet over the top of the pillow, tucked right under the matress to hold the pillow in place. He slept alot better not laying down flat.

Good luck with everything!!

Kristie, mum to Blake(23mths) & Joshua(1mth)

My son Kai was diagnosed with reflux at around 7 weeks and he is now nearly 5 months and unfortunately he has recently gotten a lot worse.

Since he was a little baby, he has really hated to sleep during the day - he would go down for a sleep but wake up after 20 or 40 mins screaming in pain. He was started on Zantac (ranitidine) at 8 weeks which helped for a while - stopped any obvious pain and the vomiting anyway. Just before easter this year he came down with the rota virus - a really awful vomiting/diarrhea bug which seemed to make his reflux worse. Since then the Dr has been trying all sorts of things - increasing the dose of Zantac and pairing it with Gaviscon (which made him constipated - and didn't really help, incidentally). About 4 weeks ago he started having a lot of difficulty feeding (he is fully breastfed apart from a bit of farex after a feed at night before bed) - after a few sucks he comes off the breast and he arches his back and screams out in pain and then it takes a while to calm him down again to try and feed him. Then when he is calm and goes back on we go through the same process all over again.

About 2 weeks ago my Dr started him on Losec in conjunction with the Zantac which has helped with his day sleeps but he has started waking up in the night for a feed atleast twice. Its driving us crazy because of the screaming after feeds - in the dead of night it is so much louder....and he's so upset.

Day sleeps seem to be progressively improving but I don't honestly think the medication has helped as much as I expected it would have. It's just really getting me down because he is so unhappy and uncomfortable most of the time gasp(

I don't know what else we can do - has anyone else had a similar experience?

Thanks and sorry this was so long - it's my first post.

Robyn - DS 14/01/2006 DD 5/7/2007- NSW

Hi there,
My daughter is now 4months old. She was diagnosed with Severe Gastroostophogual Reflux Disease at 8 weeks of age, however she had been screaming since week 2. We as first time parents just didn't know what was wrong with her.
We started off putting Karicare thickener in her food from week 2 as she vomited it up most of the time. This worked a little bit but did not take the pain away. Soon enough the pain got so severe, she arched her back all the time and associated the bottle with the pain. She stopped feeding and this is why we ended up at the hospital and she was properly diagnosed. We now feed her through a nasal gastric (NG) tube as she refuses feeds.
Maybe ask your paediatrician about medication. Charlotte is on Losec. She stopped screaming 24/7 to only about 4 hours a day now.

Amee, NSW

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