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Glue Ear Lock Rss

just wondering if any other bubba's out there have glue ear ? and how they are doing ? whether the antibiotics are working or not ?


Danni, WA,

Hi Danni, my boys do not have glue ear, but I use to work in pharmacy so thats my excuse for responding to you.
There is a product called Bisolvin that is sold as a cough medicine, but was originally formulated to treat glue ear. It is a mucoyict(sorry spelling) so it dissolves mucous. It is now mainly uised ti help break up chesty coughs...but if used long term it will help glue ear.
Hope you have luck with your bubs ears.


My DD got glue ear shortly after her 12 month immunisation. We didn't have to use antibiotics (thankfully). Instead, our GP put DD on 2 doses of Dimetapp (morning and night) for a week. Worked a charm, or so it seems. I think DD's was fairly mild though as some seem to get it so bad.

The main issue we had is that any loud noises like other babies crying would really hurt DD's ears. Other than that, she didn't seem too bothered by the glue ear.

I hope your bubs are going well and that they too, get over it quickly.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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