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No Poo Lock Rss

My little girl is seven months old and she doesn't poo much at all. She didn't when she was purely breastfed and the first time went nearly 6 weeks without, then went maybe once a week. Doctors say it's o.k. on pure breastmilk however, she still only goes every few days and is basically on solids. I give her watered down juice at least once or twice a day but nothing seems to help. Doctors say nothing to worry about but everyone else i know has babies who always go....anyone out there with the same problems and are worried? Do you think it's normal?
Hi Melby.

Sounds like she is on the end of the scale, but if the Drs say its OK have faith. It seems to normal for her by what you say!

Also, as long as the poos arn't too hard, and she is putting on the correct weight, she is probably eating a very healthy diet, but has a high metabolism.

Sorry i have no answers, but i don't think your precious little girl has anything to worry about!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Mel,

Every now and then my little son will go 2 days without a poo. He is 6½ months old and on solids. To start with he was only drinking about 30ml of water a day and now with 5-10ml of prune and apple juice mixed in he drinks nearly 120ml every day. I started using Coloxol drops a couple of months ago to help prevent constipation and he never seems to be. Does your little girl struggle and grunt to do a poo or does she seem content enough and it just appears? Different foods will help too once she is eating a big variety as we know from experience ourselves.

Hi Mel,
I have a similar concern.
My daughter is 5 months old and has been on solids (2 meals a day) for a few weeks. Up until several days ago she did a poo every 3-4 hours during the day. However, the last 2 days she has only gone once and hasn't gone at all today. I am a bit concerned and researched in a few books and it said constipation isn't how often your baby goes but what it is like when they do. When she goes it is soft and it comes out easily. Has anyone else had a similar expreience and is it a problem?
My son was the same - he went 19 days without one when he was just breast fed. I took him to the medical doctor and he said no problems. Then I took my son to the chiropractor and had him checked, and he had actually become toxic (he'd developed a slight cough), so I gave him this powder called Cytobifidus, which is the same as that Inner Health Plus- diary free one. I just coated the end of my pinky finger with it, and he sucked it off. It put some good bacteria in his gut and he's not had any problem since. Pear juice is also great - the MD told me that is what they give elderly people, it works better than prune juice. If you don't water it down, you just give her no more than 3 teaspoons, and if you do water it down ALOT you can give it to her as a drink during the day and that will help too. She needs to poo regularly now that she's on solids, because the toxins will build up and she'll be more susceptible to illness.

Amanda, Brisbane, 10mth baby boy

Hi, my baby is 5 months old and I too was concerned when I introduced solids and she did not go for a few days! I asked around and a friend recommended cooked pureed pear, mixing in some prune juice with the food, and not giving her Farex for a while. Just when I bought the prune juice she went and it was soft anyway (and bright orange thanks to the sweet potato). So I did not worry. What I have found to work 'nturally' though is when I eat 2 date scones just before a breastfeed it has a laxative effect on my baby! So that is my method when I get worried - bizarre but true!
Good luck with it all,

Nicole, NSW, baby born 7 May 03

I was a bit concerned about this too until I started feeding solids and now she poos all the time! :|

But I did some looking and found that the amount that babies poo can be related to you. If you (or the baby's other parent) aren't the most 'regular' of people then your baby might not be either.

I do like the date scones idea though - very ingenius!

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

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