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bad breath Lock Rss

my daughter has bad breath, i have tried brushing her teeth 3 times daily with toothpaste and brush but it doesnt make any difference, she is 14 months old and on a elemental formula (neocate)due to allergies, her diet hasnt changed, but the odour is horrible, you just have to have her sitting on your knee and you can smell it. Any ideas???

Kim, mum to Kiandra 3 and baby due 29/06/09

hrmm have u taken your daughter to the doctors ? as it may be a symptom of something. has she been sick lately. or been on any medication ?

Danni, WA,

i took her to docs on monday she said that there was no throat, ear or chest infections so i dont know

Kim, mum to Kiandra 3 and baby due 29/06/09

Hi there,

when you brush her teeth, perhaps you could also try wiping her tongue or brushing it gently and not too far back either as it will make her gag. Alot of bacteria reside on the tongue which can also cause bad breath in children as well as adults.

Though it may not make the odour disappear altogether, it may help decrease it.

Perhaps you could try taking her to a childrens dentist to make sure there is nothing wrong with her gums which could also be the cause of her breath smelling.

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