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undescended testicle & hernia Lock Rss

my little man only had one descended testicle when he was born 23rd feb. it has dropped very slightly, but not totally and he will need an op if it hasnt by the time he is one. friday he was all swollen in his groin, and screaming in pain for around half an hour. we took him to the childrens hospital, and a surgeon told us that he has a hernia as well, and that it is common where there is an undescended testicle. so now he will have to have an op for that, in a couple of weeks time. luckily they can do it by keyhole surgery, so its not so invasive and recovery will be quicker.
i just wondered if anyone elses little boy has had the same problems? x

first timer to jay 230206, adelaide

Hi Zoe13,

My 2 1/2yr old little man had a double hernia op when he was 6 weeks old. No problems with the testes, just two little lumps in the groin area.

Apparently it is quite common in boys, although I haven't come across anyone else.

The surgery was very fast, I think he was away from us for about 1/2hr. He coped with it very well. I think it is harder for the parents than the kids.

We were just in hospital for the day, no overnight stay needed. Although he was operated on quite early in the morning. I guess I depends what time of the day your little man has the op as to if you need to stay overnight.

Goodluck with it, I know he, and you will be fine.


mum of two

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