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Phlegmy cough, but clear chest Lock Rss

My DS has just gotten over Tonsilitis and ear infections ..and last week had a dose of steriods because they suspected he had croup. He was having difficulty breathing when he coughed so they gave him steriods to open his air ways abit. They told me it would work for 3 or 4days,and on the 5th day his cough came back worse.

We have been at Hosp twice, and the GP's about 3 times over the last few weeks because of what hes had and each time his chest is clear.

He still has this phlegmy cough, and if i put my hand on his chest / back I can feel the wheeze as he breathes in and out. As soon as he coughs clears for a short while ..then he'll start wheezing again. His runny/blocked nose has cleared up completely now so im a bit confused as to where all this phlegm is sitting / coming from if his chest sounds clear to them???

Alot of my family members have asthma as do my neices and nephews so I'm paranoid that he has asthma.

What do you think???

Kristie, mum to Blake(23mths) & Joshua(1mth)

Hi there, in bubs asthma often presents as a constant cough.
But under the age of 1 it is very difficult to diagnose as bubs airways are narrow and often get viral infections called bronchiolitis this could be the reason for the breathing noises..not asmtha.
Have a chat to your pharmasicist and see they can recommed anything to take. If they cannot help, they may advise you to go back to see your doctor. If you are not happy with what your Dr sayes then ask for a refferal to a paediatric respritory speaialist ( sorry my spelling has hit the wall!).
If you are worried abouts bubs health then definateley keep asking for advise/help until you are happy with what is being done.


Just wondering if anyone came up for an explanation. My son has had a phlegmy cough on/off for the last four months. The latest bout has gone on for 6 weeks. Antibiotics don't seem to work and the symptoms sound exactly like your son.

One toddler and one on the way

Paedamin Elixar from the Chemist is about $10 in a green box

Is the only thing you can use to help nreak up the phlegm .

if it persists get a refereal as per t he other mums advice

cheers k

kirsten vic

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