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HIVES...plz help Lock Rss

hii guys would really appreciate it if someone told me if they've ever gpne throught this with their baby.m son just turned one & he never had allergies & we have no history in our family & has been having the same fod & lifestyle since he was 6 months old except for a few new things here & there & has never had problems.suddenly in the past 3 to 4 weeks he got this pimple look a like under his eye.i asked the pharamacist he said it's nothing just let it go & it will did then came back again & started swapping from one eye to the other.sometimes it's small sometimes it's really swollen & very pink.i went tot eh dr he said it's hives & it's an allergic reastion to something.try to find out.i couldnt think what it was so just emiliminated anything i was suspicipus abt like berries in general & i also stopped using the ducted heating till i get it sanitised next month,thinking he might be having a reaction to some dust or whatever.the hives are stil recurring.i'm going over seas in a week & wont be able to make to the specialist's appointment.gonna have to get him checked over seas.till then was wondering has anyone experienced this & do u recommend anything they could be allergic to???

randa,vic,26 mth old beautiful boy

My sister has hives and she is allergic to fresh cut grass, cheese/milk products, cows (weird i know) and umm... can't remember what else. Lots of unusual things. You should try to get an appointment with one of those people who diagnose allergies (sorry cant remember what they are called!!!)

They did a lot of skin tests on my sister. She takes some tablets called Phenergan when the hives come out. I am not sure if u can give these to kids or anything. You should check with your GP. Hope this helps and all the best. It might be something really simple.

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