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Operation and anaesthetic Lock Rss

DS is having an operation tomorrow - to have his extra thumb removed. Probably should have put this post up earlier...mum's just having last minute jitters.
Anyone else been through their bubs having a general anaesthetic? How was bubs when they woke up? Were they out of sorts and if so, for how long? Any tips or encouraging stories of how it was nowhere near as bad as you thought...?

HI Well i'm in the same boat. My daughter is having surgery on 3rd of july, and i am petrified... Please let me know how things go.

I hope everything goes well and please let us know...


Kim. Alexi born 15/05/05, Riley born 19/10/07

hi there,
my dd went through surgery twice first when she was born with a blocked bowell andagain at 12mths to have her ear skin tag removed and both times she did really well and came through afterwards 2nd time very clingy and a bit sore. she was back to her old self within a few days, the first time she was kept sedated for 48 hrs as very serious op. i can completely understand your worry and concern and im sure everything will be ok. he willwant lots of cuddle time after he wakes and be grizzlie.
best of luck to you both.

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

My DS had an operation for a blockage at the bottom of his stomach when he was 3 weeks old. I found the hardest bit was when I handed him over to go into surgery, I remember feeling sick in my stomach with worry. Nath came through the op well although he was a bit grumpy for a few days after.
I think the waiting for an op is much wose then the op itself.
Best wishes to you are your son I'm sure your little boy with come through fine.
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