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my baby is 4 months old, the Health care nurse said he still has a lot of fluid in his scrotem she said to keep an eye on it , if it dosnt go down he will have to see the dr, he looks no different to my other 2 boys, is any ones bub have the same thing? is it anything to worry about?

My son didn't have a problem in this area, but if you are concerned about her comments, then see your doc. I think I would be asking him/her if there is anything to worry about. Second opinions don't hurt.
Hi Catherine
My bub is nearly 5 mths and he also has a lot of fluid around his scrotum. when we had his 6 week check with the pediatrician he said that it is quite common. My husband had an inguinal hernia when he was born and the pediatrician said that bubs with a lot of fluid are more likely to develop one but it is not a definite thing. i don't know if it means anything else but my GP doesn't seem cooncerned. She just told me to check for 'pulsing bulges' above and to the left and right of his penis if there are any unexplained screaming attacks as it could mean a hernia.

so to be honest I wouldn't be too concerned - we aren't. but keep me posted!

Robyn - DS 14/01/2006 DD 5/7/2007- NSW

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