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allergic to nappy?? Lock Rss

My DD has started scratching her lower back and bottom when she is in the bath. When she comes out it is very red and is in the region of where the waistband of the nappy sits and slightly under. She seems ok otherwise and just itches when the area heats up.

This is the second brand of nappy we have tried as the last brand she itched on her tummy. I presume she is allergic to something in the nappy, any ideas on how to fix this or are we going to have to go to non-disposable nappies.

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

Hey Leanne mimsy here, hmmmm could her skin down there ce really dry, have you tried rubbing SORBOLENE cream down ther at each nappy change, otherwise im really not sure, give DD a little cuddle for me


Lillie....1 year old!!!

hi my boys sometimes itch there as well My 2 yr old gets it sometimes I usualy use babylove or cosifits I never thought of it being the aloa vera in them , i still use them on my 4 month old but dont have a problem.
I found with some nappies they can be a bit rough around the tops.

I too have found my 5 week old son having a nappy rash that didnt want to go away. I was using huggies. I have now changed to another brand and its clearing up, Its not red and angry anymore. So I am assuming that he is alergic to huggies sad.

Fe, SA, Zaine 4yrs, Jake 04/05/06

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