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Aloe vera plant for nappy rash Lock Rss


Just hoping that maybe someone can help me out with advice on using aloe vera plant for nappy rash and if anyone has had good results with it.

My 8 month old has had nappy rash for 1 1/2 months now sad and I've tried antifungal cream, paw paw cream and zinc and zinc powder(cuurash). It seems to start to clear up but never totally. Anyway i thought i would try the aloe vera plant. I was just wandering do i just scrape out the flesh of the plant and use that and do I leave the flesh in the nappy or is a wipe over good enough?
Sorry for this long winded explanation etc.
Hope you can help! grin

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My mum swears by Aloe vera plant for burns and other ailments, but i have never heard of using it for nappy rash.

I have a very healthy plant growing in a pot at the moment. We used to use it all the time as kids and mum always cut open the flesh and wiped it on our skin for sunburn etc.

I would probably suggest to do that rather than leaving the flesh in the nappy, just in case your baby has a reaction to it. It is all natural so im assuming that it would be better than any nappy cream on the market.

Please let me know how you i would like to use it in future for nappy rash as well.

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