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Baby's weight Lock Rss

Joshua is 11 1/2 months old and everyone I talk to says my baby is a big baby, I just smile and laugh along with them, but it hurt inside me, it make me feel like I have a big elephant baby or something. He weights just over 10kg and is healthy enough, and is happy all the time. I know all babies are different, but does this seem normal??

Laura, NSW, Joshua 28/6/05, Jackson 8/7/07

hi, i wouldnt worry what other people say, as long as he is happy and healthy then thats what matters. if you are concerned i would suggest speaking to your cyh nurse and see what they say. just remember its as you said, every baby is different.

katie, SA, Emma 2yrs old

DS is 9 months weight 10.4kg and 75cm long. Everyone tells me or Dh god he's big or tall for his age. my Dh just tells them we breed them big and healthy in our familys. I know it hurts when people say stuff like that. I pretty much do the same as you smile and laugh with them.

DS 13months

I would like to thank everyone that has replied to my message. This has really helped me to feel better about myself and my baby, that all babies are different and as long as your baby is healthy and happy that is all that matters. I don't care what people say anymore. I couldnt ask for a happier / healthier baby then this one, he is a true angel to me and my husband.

Laura, NSW, Joshua 28/6/05, Jackson 8/7/07

Just thought I would make your day!!!
My little or not so little girl is just over 8 months and weighs 10 and 1/2 kg already. Yeah she is a big girl, was born 7 pound 12, and put on the bottle at 2 montha after unsuccessful breastfeeding.
But I love her tyo bits, she has just over a bad cough and cold, and bad teething so she has been off her food for a few days. Just snacking instead, so I';m happy she has lots in reserve!!!
I love chunky bubba's, but it's kinda sad that she wears size 0 and some 1's already, thay grow too quick.

Nikki H, Perth, 8mth baby girl

Hi Laura,

My DS is over 8kg at 4mths. But he is the perfect weight for his height - not at all chubby. Funny thing is though, whenever anyone mentions his size in any way he starts crying. I mean full on tears and choking sobbing crying!

I then tell them that he's very sensitive about his size, and they wouldn't like him commenting on whether or not they were 'big'.

Usually gets a laugh or two! I just hope he doesn't actually have a complex. The paed just says 'he's a nice size - what a lovely shape!'.

There aint nothing wrong with a little big baby,

My lil chubba has always been the bigger & heaviest of all the babies in our playgroups ever since she was born.
I LOVE her chubby arms, legs, her well volumed bum, her grabbable cheeks, you just want to eat her up.

Dont let comments effect you in anyway! As for what everyone else thinks well ( they can all go and get *%&ed). Each baby is unique in every way and as far as I'm concerned the more there is the more there is to enjoy.

Although my back arms and legs get a workout everytime I go and pick her up but what the hell they'll only be this way for a while longer cause once they start to walk and get active it will all go. Just take heaps of photos and save them for that 21st birthday.

A chubba bubba is a happy bubba.

Eloise. Salma is now 11 months and 11 1/2 kg.

Eloise_ Salma 8 mths

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