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Small Red Rash in Crease- can i use powder? Lock Rss


My 3month old has a small red rash on one side of her neck.. in the crease of skin which is always hiding.

I think its from her favouring one side. It is a little smelly and was worried about infection.

I cleaned it well in the bath,,
Anyone know if i can I use Curerash Powder to help dry out? Dont think I should use antiseptic on rash.. probably irritate it?

New to this...any suggestions?

Take Care .... Jess&Chloe

Jess, Sydney

Hi Jess

I wouldn't think a little would do any real harm, but I do think that a quick trip with bub to your local chemist could be a good idea.

Have a word to the Pharmacist and show him/her what the rash looks like. He/she should be able to advise you there and then on what is best to help heal the rash or whether a trip to the doctor would be best.

I have found their advice invaluable as they tend to be able to help ease your stress and worry very quickly.

Hope this helps a little.

Take care x

4 beautiful children

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