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eczema anything that really works? Rss

my little girl is 5months old nd has eczema! we have been to doctors, and tried many different creams, is there anything anyone can reccomend?
now summer is on its way, i want toget it under controlas much as i can!
thanks aj


Hi aj,
My son is now 15 months old and had eczema almost since he was born. We have a huge selection of creams and scalp lotions but things started to improve when we had Eden tested for allergies. It turns out his allergies were the cause of his eczema and since we changed his diet the difference is just incredible.

Talk to your doctor about this possibility, it may not be the cause for you, but trying to identify the cause will help you to prevent eczema. Apart from that we use hydrocortizone and a good moisturiser (like Sorbolene cream) when Eden' has a reaction to something.

I hope you find this useful and that you get your little girls eczema sorted soon.

Hi my 4 motnh old girl who has eczema for the last 3 months and have been to a specialist and all he says is to keep her cool as possible and to keep her away from citrus fruits and soy milk.I also got told from my local hospital that DERMAVEEN cream works so i have been using that and she has been getting better. You can get it at any chemist for about $9.00, and it lasts awhile.


My daughter has had eczema since birth. Some of it is caused by a variety of food allergies, but there is also environmental factors. In order to keep it under control I only bath her 2 - 3 times a week and only use Sorbolene cream for both washing her body and hair. Then at EVERY nappy change her legs and chest (the worst affected areas) are moisterised with sorbolene cream and twice a day her entire body is done. It is a lot of work but she now has very few flair ups and using the cortizone cream then gets rid of it quite quickly as her skin isn't used to getting it. Be really careful that the creams you use do not contain any form of perfumes or dyes etc. My midwife told me that J & J products are quite bad for babies with eczema because they are very synthetic. I hope this helps and keep an eye on the eczema when you start solids as there can be reactions to a lot of foods.

Cymantha, NSW, DD 20/12/2003

hi! kaileys has now been prescribed oral medication, redipred, and sigmacort a cream. my fridge is starting to look like a mini chemist.!!!
we have changed doctors and i have tried many of the things everyone has said! thank you all!
she is getting a little better, and she too scratches her head. yah, the sudocream, was a little to thick for all over use! another one we are trialing is called calendulis plus cream, its been on kerrie anne kennelys show!its pretty good, but smells a bit like vodka!im too scared to us to much because of the smell!
the doctor said once she gets moving, it should start to clear up more????
thanks everyone, hopfully, someone somwhere will find a soultion to this growing problem!
best wishes to all!
aj and kailey


We have just started solids - and we tried pear as everyone tells me it is least likely to cause any problems.... He hated it - after 1 taste he refused to open his mouth for any more - and then a while later his ezcema started to flare up!!! I have no idea what to do with food now! He likes rice cereal so we will keep on with this. I hate using the steroid creams but have got them out today to try and clear up his skin. We are going to NZ on Thursday and he will meet the rest of his family for the first time so I am most upset it has come back just now. I might try and get hold of some of the calendula cream or something more natural.... Anyone have any idea what foods I should try next?

Suz, NSW


What a smart young man you have to stop eating a food that doesn't agree with him! My daughter is the same with foods that don't agree with her. I would try pumpkin next as again this is one of the least likely to cause a problem. But no one tells the babies not to react to foods!!! Good for you that you noticed the flair up of eczema from the pear. It is horrible to do (I have had to do it so many times) but in a few weeks you might want to try the pear again to make sure your not cutting out a food that doesn't need to be - might have been a one off reaction. Good luck!


Cymantha, NSW, DD 20/12/2003

I was going to mention the thinning of the skin myself, because it really does. I had bad eczema as a kid (due to the heat, sitting on grass, soaps, etc) and had to use a lot of cream. Nobody mentioned the thinning until I was about 18 and had worse surfuace veins than my mother!! Now, after 2 babies my varicose veins knot and bulge through a collection of surface and spider veins! My 18mth old has just started getting eczema and I'm planning on taking him to a naturopath


Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

I just took my bub to the peadatrician as his eczema recently flared up while we were on holiday in NZ....and I am unaware of any new foods or anything that he was exposed to. The doctor said that it seems his is a food allergy - dairy, and he must have had something with traces of dairy in it.... I have no idea what. Anyway he said that if it is a food allergy and they have a reaction to a certain food and then that food is removed from their diet, the ezcema will run its cycle and clear within a week - regardless of what creams etc you use. He explained it really well and logically which I cant really do!!! If it was an allergy to environmental things it would last longer rather than come and go. I told him that I had given up and used the steroid creams and it had cleared up within a week. He said that it would have cleared up anyway as he was probably only exposed to whatever he is allergic to once (by accident), so he advised against using steroid based creams. So now I can not use them, under medical advice! He also said that alot of the natural remedies contain peanut oil - which is commonly used for mixing these products and that is really bad to put on babies and childrens skin as it can cause worse skin problems and nut allergies. His advice was to steer away from them, unless you know for certain that there is no nut oil in them - alot of them dont say it on the packaging. Has anyone else heard of this?
So I am still pretty confused and have no idea what caused this latest flare up as my bub is only eating baby cereal, pear (which he is ok with now), kumera and banana.... I tried potato today but he wouldnt touch it. I am going to try pumpkin next (I keep forgetting to buy one!)

Suz, NSW

Hi all,

Well I'm farily sure that my bub has a mild eczema. I haven't taken her to the doctor about it as I really don't want to start giving her medications and using strong cortizone creams on her. Just my personal preference obviously. I also have a mild dermatitis (that can get really bad if let go) on my hands.

Anyway, just wanted to share that i read a book a while back where a lady who had a lot of skin problems and asthma and stuff found out that it can be a result of a vitamin A deficiency and that some ppl actually don't absorb Vitamin A as well as others and that's why they have more probs with it. Anyway, since reading it, I started making a special effort to particularly include foods in my and bub's diet with good vitamin A content and find it makes a big difference. No itching hands for me and her itchiness seems to get heaps better too. I'm actually considering a vitamin A supplement also as even though I'm on a Multi, most of them really don't have much 'A'.

Hope this is helpful.

My daughter has quite a few allergies and it can be really hard when you think you have been so careful and somehow they manage to get something on them that causes a reaction. It might be that there was something on the floor or someones hands when they touched him and that caused the reaction. I have to make sure anyone who touches my daughter wipes their hands before handling her but we get the occasional flare up. I think it comes from peoples clothes - there is a trace of dairy on there and it causes a reaction. As I also have a few nephews I have to make sure they always eat at the table and tend to dustbust under their chairs when they have finished eating to make sure she doesn't get anything that she shouldn't.

I have heard of the peanut oil thing as well. It is actually in some of the nappy rash creams so be careful there. It just goes to show how careful you really have to be sometimes.

Cymantha, NSW, DD 20/12/2003

Hi there... coming in a couple of months later, my little girl is now 20 months old and has suffered from mild eczema since she was 6 wks. we firstly used a hydrocortisone cream, and then when she was about 4 - 5 months I bought some milk bath from the bodyshop, and also some hemp hand protector and used this combination instead of the cortisone. it worked very well, and on the odd occasion that the eczema is quite bad, we go back to the prescribed cream. my husband also suffers, and his is caused by eating potatoes & orange juice mainly, so we avoid those for him & bub. just a matter of trial & error and trying to eliminate what is causing the problem. every now & then I re introduce potatoes for both of them, and every time I re eliminate them!!!
hope your bub is getting on OK.

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