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Babies with Asthma Lock Rss

Anyone else got a bub with Asthma??

I'm after some tips on giving him his ventolin and preventer properly... he just squirms around and screams, it took 2 of us to pin him down the other night, but id rather not have to do that if i can help it.

I've tried making it into a game, hes okay with the first puff, but is a struggle for the 2nd sad

He is 10mths btw. smile

Kristie, mum to Blake(23mths) & Joshua(1mth)

I just had my visit with the paediatrician and spoke to him about asthma. I've had it all my life, and my DS has exactly the same symptoms as me (dry cough, wheezing morning and night, coughing after laughing fits etc).

The Paed informed me that babies do not have the muscle responsible for asthma until they are at least 12 mths old - generally 18mths. As such, babies physically cannot get asthma. What they do have is underdeveloped lungs, which, when the breath out the airways flatten causing the wheezing sound and coughing.

He said that unless they are seriously struggling to breath (lips turning blue etc), that they don't recommend anything. If they are having problems, they never give Ventolin anymore - rather they give them a cortisone compound such as Prednisone.

Personally I think he's talking crap about them not getting asthma, but a GP I spoke to also told me they never give babies ventolin anymore as well.

As a small child I remember I could never use a puffer (couldn't until I was about 15 or so). When I was really young I had liquid ventolin. When I was a little older I used a Rotahaler (sp?) where you put a capsule in one end, twisted, then sucked the powder stuff out the other end.

How old was your boy when he was diagnosed with asthma? It's very interesting the different beliefs different doctors have isn't it?!

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