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Hi all,

My 11month old daughter is unwell at the moment with a bad cough, runny nose and a high temp. I started giving her Dimetapp for the nose about two weeks ago but now she has the vomitting and runs to go with it all. It all started when she started child care... why do parents take their children to child care with snotty noses and bad coughs???( a whinge from a proactive parent) anyway... after her second week she came down when all of the above. She's been to the Dr's twice in one week and the childrens hospital. They all said "keep up her fluids and give panadol"...great!!!! today she showed sighs of recovery, thank god.

her temp has been around 38 -38.9 Does anyone know what a babies temp should been and what the lows and highs are?


Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03


My daughter is 14.5 months old. She had her MMR immunization at 12 months and reacted quite badly to it. Apparently this is quite rare. She was actually in hospital at the time for an operation on her foot.

Her fever started to go up even though she was already on panadol and morphine. We weren't sure what was causing the fever although I had my suspicions. This lasted for about 3 days and they peaked at 39.9. This was very scary as the Panadol wasn't working and the nursing staff didn't seem to want to do anything about it. The normal temp for a baby is between about 36.5 and 37 roughly. My baby girl had vomiting and the runs a few months back and it was the worst. I was so scared that she was going to dehydrate. I also had her at the doctors twice in a week and I think I rang emergency about 3 times. No one seemed to want to help. It is good that your daughter is showing signs of recovery. It seems like it is never going to end. I remember thinking that Mackenzie was getting better and then she'd vomit everywhere again. Just trust your gut instinct with her. I am beginning to realise that this is the only way. If your worried find someone who will help.

Hope I have helped a little.

Kirrillea, mum of 2

Hi kez,
I have 2 boys one 21months and one 6 months,
the 21 month old had 9 ear infections in his first 12 months, with spiking temps of around 40 and back to normal and spiking again, if i missed the spike then you didnt know he had a temp.

normal is around 37ish, but 38.5 can still be normal, if they have been active.

My oldest son had an ear infection a few eeks back and had temp up in the low 40s but panadol only bought it back to around 39.... we just kept giving it to him every 4 hours and hoped for best.

What the dr told me was give them panadol, and then check temp again after 1 hr, if it still high keep an eye on it every hour and repeat dose at 4 hours.

This son whos name is kade is now going to get second set of grommetts in 3 weeks. he had 1st lot at 13months and now 21months.

We have been through rota virus (gastro virus - very infectious especially at child care) main gastro bug for under 3s. Bronchiolitis, ear infections, night waking up to 12 times because he didnt know how to settle himself again (tresillian helped with that).

There is not much you can do if it is a virus, just wait. To get rid of stomach bug, just feed toast and water as well as that electrolyte solution stuff(yuk) and ride it out.

Hope all goes wellthrough summer for you...

Catch up on sleep now because next winter will be just as bad.

Sorry i was so long, but i know where you are coming from

ness, 2boys cc

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