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Lactose Intolerent to Breastmilk Lock Rss

My 4mth old baby has just been diagosed with Lactose intolerence to breastmilk. This complaint has left my baby with pain when passing stools, which has lead to may nights and days with my baby being in great discomfort. I have been suggested by my doctor that giving up breastfeeding is a solution but not one with which I am willing to consider if there are any other possibilities.
If there are any mothers out there who know of this problem and can offer any suggestion or comments it would be greatly appreciated.

Bernadette, 4mth baby

Hi Plymoth, I did not have this problem myself but unfortunately my best friend did. She persevered for a few weeks after being told, but then decided to try the formula recommended by her doctor. At first bub didn't like it but she got used and changed from being a crying, screaming unsettled little girl who didn't sleep etc to a peaceful happy little baby. It was amazing the change in her. My girlfriend said to me afterwards that despite it being a really hard decision to make because "breast is best" for her little girl breast wasn't best and formula was. Now whilst I said I didn't experience this with my son I am lactose intolerant and unfortunately have the occasional silly splurge and by myself a chocolate thick shake or a flavored milk even though I know I am going to have abdominal cramps for the next 24 hours and feel sick. I feel for you as it is a hard decision to make but if it makes bub feel better then maybe you need to look at alternatives. Have a chat to some from the Breast Feeding Association or you Area Health Nurse. I am sorry if this post comes across harsh, I don’t mean it to.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance? My little girl has been on ordinary formula and then thickened formula. The doctor then changed her to soy formula until she just recently started refusing her bottles. He has put her back onto thickened formula and I am wondering if she might be lactose intolerant. She started doing huge runny poos within a day of being off the soy.

Janette, NSW

My little boy suffers from great pain when trying to pass something through his bowel. At one stage I thought he might have had a blockage as the pain was so severe and the strain that it took to pass anything was so great, but in saying that when he did pass it was the consistancy of water. Every nappy that I change has been dirted. My baby who once slept through the night went to waking in screams, anything up to 5 or 6 times a night and has the same problems through the day.

Bernadette, 4mth baby

Thank you very much for reply. Being a first time mum I am very open to other peoples advice and would do anything to help my baby boy through this problem. Seeing him in so much pain breaks my heart. At the moment I am trying some drops which you give the baby while breastfeeding to help with the intolerence. I am hoping that this will solve the problem, just needing to give it a week or so to build in his system, but if not then the bottle it is. I appreciate the advice you have given. Thank you.

Bernadette, 4mth baby

I dont know if you still look at this forum but I am interested in knowing how things when for your baby and the lactose intolerence. My son is 2 months and passes the greenest watery poos all the time and is always in pain, especially when feeding. He has had the worse nappy rash around his little exit hole. Like burns. Did you experience this. We are going to try the formula as recommeded by our pediatrician today. If you get this message could you let me know how things went for your bubs who would be a toddler by now.

Mandy, SA 1mth baby

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