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unwell for over two weeks Lock Rss

Hi all,

My little princess has had the lot lately. She started child care four weeks ago and has been off for two weeks now. She started with a runny nose then a high temp. I took her to the Dr's and discovered an ear infection, two days later a rash, this was german measles (lastest only a few days ). Since the start her temp has remained high (38-40) and her diet has been light but she's drinking heaps which is good. She's been on Panadol for the whole time, but this doesnt seem to worry the Dr's. She seems to go down hill at night with a cough and very high temp. I'm sick of her being so sick. Apparently it's just her system trying to get back to normal. Has anyone else had a sick baby for what seems like ages??

tired Kez!

Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

Hi Kez,

Daycare will do it to you all the time!

My little boy started day care last week and has only been once. He picked up a gastric bug and it has been so bad since. For almost a week now whatever he eats goes straight through him. It is that bad that as I am feeding him his bottle, it is coming out the other end. He has been vomiting as well which is heartbreaking.

Whilst he has been sick, we have kept him in our bed etc etc. Now he doesn't want to sleep in his cot anymore and cries when he cant see me or his father. This is from a baby who put himself to sleep in his cot at night and slept for twelve hours.

It is so frustrating that nothing can be done to treat them. I guess we have to just ride it out.

I hope your little one gets better soon


Mum to Samuel - 3 and Jordy - 22 months

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