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dry, itchy scalp Lock Rss

My 51/2 month old suffers from mild ezcema which I control by keeping her skin nice a supple using sorbolene cream. When she was younger she had mild cradle cap on her scalp which eventually went away. However, recently her scalp appears to be getting very dry and I am unsure if it is ezcema or cradle cap returning. It must be itchy because my little girl wants to scratch it and at times has drawn blood. I regularly lather her head in sorbolene cream which seems to work for half a day and then the dry skin returns. Does anyone know what it could be or have any suggestions on how to treat it?
hi i have a 5mth old daughter and she has had cradlecap in her eyebrows and i just put baby oil on it and let it sit and then when i put her in the bath i get a cottonball and wet it and just rub it over the cradlecap and it all just peels off well somtimes it might need a couple of goes but give it go it might work. if not it may be worth going to the doctors and getting it looked at seeya nat
My son used to get dry skin in different places but mostly on his face. I was advised by a midwife to get a cottonball put some olive oil on it and wipe it on the babys dry area. I was told it is the best for babies skin as it is all natural and works simular to our skins natural oils. This worked a treat for us. I have also used it on myself with great results. You just use the plain olive oil in the kitchen cupboard. A friend of mine used paw paw cream which she said helped. Hope this is of some help.
Hi KJ,

My son is 5 months old and we have had an identical situation with him. We cleared up the cradle cap with Egozite. Olive oil wasn't effective. Now since itchy red rashes have appeared on his face, neck and scalp we have tried sorbolene (currently using this in his bath) and paw paw ointment but to no avail.
I have only tonight been offered a possible solution to his rashes. It's called David's Lavendar Facial Balm from David Hosking 's Pharmacy in Essendon(Vic).

Found some info at this web site. I'm going to get some tomorrow. Will keep you posted as to the outcome if you like??

Lisa. Mum to Ethan 25/9/2000 and Ben 6/5/2003

Thanks for this advice. I will definetly look at that site, Lucky Mum. Plese keep me posted on how it goes with your little one.
Hi kj,

Have purchased the cream from David Hosking's Pharmacy and, I can't say it works magic, but it does help a lot. You can't use too much of it and it's very gentle on the skin/scalp. It also smells gorgeous (the lavender!). I do find, though, that when this rash thing is at its worst, the cream doesn't have a big effect. But I guess different things work differently on each person.

Before starting the cream this rash seemed to spread to Ben's face. And I understand what you mean about "drawing blood"! It must be so horrible for them. I've noticed that it starts to flare up when he gets too warm. So keep a eye on that with your daughter.

Good luck. I hope you find the right product for her. With any luck it may have already cleared up!

Lisa. Mum to Ethan 25/9/2000 and Ben 6/5/2003

Hi lucky mum, thanks for getting back to me. My daughters scalp has cleared up over the last couple of weeks but it has been hot the last few days and I think it is returning. I will keep your cream in mind if another outbreak occurs! Thanks again.
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