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cerebral palsy Lock Rss

13mth old with cerebral palsy and seizures

Tash, SA,

hello tash

Tash, SA,

Hi smile

I'm not sure what ur wanting... if it's stories or support or acknowledgement, so... smile

My neice has CP (Full Body Inclusive Spastic Hemiplegia). She turned 2 last november.

She had infantile spasms seizures from birth but was immediately put on Phenobarbitone (Anti-Seizure Medication) & then was gradually weaned off it. I'm happy to say that she is now fully weaned off it & her last EEG came back clear. We were told that she has a slight chance of redeveloping seizures at some stage in her life but we have to take each day as it comes smile

She is a beautiful, determined little girl & it's so frustrating, for her & us, (to say the least) to see her struggling with the little things that we take for granted. Even holding her head upright for extended periods of time takes a lot of energy out of her.

But it is more rewarding than anything to see the accomplishments when she does acchieve them (like crawling!!)

I hope that you have a good support network around you & with some work you will see this child flourish.

All the best...

Shell smile

My son doesn't have CP but he has Infantile Spasms, which also stops development while it's uncontrolled.
What sort of seizures is your little one having?
hello ..weve just found out my granddaughter has cerebal palsy she is 18months old if any one has any idea s or tips on day to day living with this deseise could they please let us no on what to exept or easy my daughter fears ..for her daughter..she is a young mum 17 years old and is needing all the surport from other mothers in the same situation ..any advice would be greatful..on how i should easier her fears for her daughter sophia THANK YOU
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