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Baby refuses to take Panadol Lock Rss

My 5 months old daughter refuses to take Panadol, no matter how we try to give it to her. We have tried using a dropper, syringe, and adding it to water in a bottle. She refuses to drink it when in a bottle, and when using a dropper/syringe she gags and then throws up her last feed completely and is then hysterical for some time afterwards. We have tried to do this before feeds, during and afterwards and distraction doesn't seem to work either!

Does anyone have any advice about how to get her to take it? Can I add it to her bottle of formula (I haven't tried this as the packet says to only add it to water/fruit juice) ?

Thanks so much!

Mum to Kayla born 15.03.06 & Maya born 14.06.08

Hi Kayla's mum,

My DS hates panadol also. I tasted it and I don't know how they can say that its cherry vanilla flavour. I love cherries and vanilla and I have never had these two flavours taste like panadol.

I use a syringe, but don't put the whole dose into his mouth at the one time. I only put a tiny bit in at a time so there isn't that much that he can spit back out. It takes about 4-5 squirts of the syringe before he has been given the lot. I find that I have to hold him in a semi reclining position with my arm holding him tightly to my body. If any dribbles out I use my finger to push it back in again. I find it takes a couple of doses and he learnt that he isn't going to beat me and seemed to settle down and just put up with it. I think he may have realised that he isn't in pain after having it.

I figure I would prefer to have a hysterical bub for a little while then a bub in pain. Although it breaks my heart when he is that upset.

I don't know about adding it to a bottle as my DS is breast feed and haven't given him many bottles. I would give you chemist a call and speak with the pharmacist they will know if it can be added to her formula.

Good luck,

Julie, Townsville, Dylan 3/3/06


Have you tryed the chemist brand there flavour is not as strong as panadol. My son hate both but he loves dymadon which is orange flavour.

DS 13months

HI Kaylas mum!

I had exactly the same dramas with my DD, we tried everything. Believe it or not, we found that she took it easiest right off a spoon, it also helped when we pretended we were having some and it was yummy! lol! I know it sounds obvious but have you tried it off a spoon? lis x


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