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Flouride drops Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone out there uses flouride drops, and if you do when did you start. Bub is 7 months and doesn't have any teeth but I have been told by family members (non of whom have small children anymore) that I should be giving him flouride? Can anyone enlighten me?
Thanks Kat

Kat,QLD,mother to Lachie

Hi Kat
3 words BE VERY CAREFUL. I think you will find that most dentists will say its a good idea. but be carefull my DD has had a allergic reaction to fluride in toothpaste thankfully not anaphalatic just extreamly agitated and unwell. My brother had a worse reaction when he was young from fluride tablets. with my DD I now just brush her teeth I started when she got her first one and often just give her the brush to play with and she trys to do it as well. We avoid juices and cordials and she is breastfed so doesnt have a bottle but I have been told that if you avoid giving them milk or juice in bottles when they go to sleep it helps as well because they dont swollow the last bit and it stays in there mouth and hurts there teeth. DD has lovely teeth and i dread the day they decide to put fluride in the water again. Hope i helped

DD 19/10/03 & Trainee Doula

Leah, Thanks for your advice, just a question; if Bub reacts to flouride in toothpaste, what do you brush her teeth with?
Thanks again kat

Kat,QLD,mother to Lachie

Hi Kat,
I would not recommend giving your bubs fluoride yet (I manage a dental practice and this is our recommendation). We suggest to start at about three as they don't really need it at a young age. Even then, we recommend half the recommended dosage until about six years of age. If you brush their teeth well from the day they get their first one and get in to a good routine of good brushing, they shouldn't have any problems. As suggested, only give water to drink (other than breast milk or formula of course!) and no juice, cordial, soft drink or flavoured milk. If they do have these drinks, brush thier teeth straight away! Every state bar Qld has fluoride in their water which is a big help (so those living in other states needn't worry about suppliments if they drink the water) and once they start using toothpaste (2 yrs +) it should be one which contains fluoride (unless they have a reaction to it). Hope I have helped, otherwise speak to your dentist about it.

My babies are all grown up sad

Thanks for the advice, it was helpful and I appreciate your time.
Thanks Kat
p.s Great name for your son!

Kat,QLD,mother to Lachie

Hi Kat
I just wet the brush and brush away. You can use bi-carb soda but it doesnt taste very nice DDs teeth are still nice and white so it is working. I have a friend who is a dental nurse and she does the same. Just to add to what Naomi said we actually dont currently have flouride in our water and havent done for arround 20years. They are looking at re-introducing it now fingers crossed it never hapens. What does DD drink if they do that to our water? It should be a decision people make for themselves not one that is forced upon them.
Good luck with your decision !

DD 19/10/03 & Trainee Doula

Hi Kat, I would be very cautious with flouride, especially if your local supply of tap water is flouridated. If given too much flouride, the teeth can develop brown spots - this is called flouridosis. I remember this from studying years ago. There are countries where the water is naturally highly flouridated, but the locals have almost black teeth due to flouridosis (although they don't have many cavities :~ ) Check with your local council about the flouride status of your water supply and then check with a good paediatric dentist to see if he/she thinks it is necessary - don't just automatically give your bub flouride just because well meaning relos have done it in the past. They mean well but sometimes things change. Take care, Fel
Kat lives in QLD. There in no Fluoride in the water in QLD which is why suppliments are advised. Every other state has it in the water so suppliments are not needed.

My babies are all grown up sad

Hubby & I have just forked out quite a bit of money on Dental for our girls , our 5 yr old had teeth removed last week under a general ( she had a general anathestic as we tried 4 dentists & each time it ended up with her throwing up & me in tears)

In our town we only have a very, very small amount of natural fluoride in our water.

We are very strict with teeth cleaning, & limit the amount of sugary foods they eat & drinks but still we are having teeth problems.
Our new dentist 1.5 hrs away has suggested all our girls take 1 fluoride tablet each nite just before they go to bed & to make sure we use the correct fluoride toothpaste not any of the kidz gimmicky ones.

We will continue to use fluoride tab's & see if we have any improvments especially with our little one just beginning to get teeth.

I know every one has a different opinion on fluoride so talk to your local council & see how much fluoride you do have in your water & u can contact the NSW Dental Assoc for some advice.
My daughter has never had fluroride, we live in QLD so none in our water, and we use a fluoride free herbal toothpaste.
There are two very opposing sides to this arguement, some believe its good, others believe its toxic. I would do some research before making a decision as at least that way you know what your doing it for and why.
I recently asked my dentist this regarding my oldest son of 4 years. He said the amount of fluoride in these tablets these days is so minimal that they really don't do anything. He basically confirmed that good diet, regular brushing and flossing etc is the best thing to teach your children.

Viv, mum of Cam & Dan

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