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dry hair?? Lock Rss

Hi all, i was just wondering what products you use for bub. I've been using baby oil and olive oil since birth but now find her hair is either too oily or too dry. Im sure the weather got something to do with it. Thanx for your feedback ;o)

Mom of Andraya - 24.04.04 and Miguel - 05.05.08

Tahlia's hair was drying out so I changed to the Johnsons baby shampoo with conditioner.
I use QV and find it very good, Johnsons to me was a bit too drying.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Thanks for the replies ladies, i too use johnsons moiturising shampoo and conditioner as well as baby oil. i'll try QV & hopefully it will help with the dryness.

Mom of Andraya - 24.04.04 and Miguel - 05.05.08

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