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What do you use for eczema????? Rss

My 6 month old son is developing eczema on his face , the doctors have told me to use derma-aid which is crap . What do you guys use on your little ones that seems to work?
My DD has eczema too and she developed it around 4 months. I've tried a little dermaid and it worked for her. You can try paw paw ointment, calendula cream, hydraderm, qv wash and bath oil. It may be a good idea to go see your gp who can refer you to a skin specialist.

I recently went to one and he gave us a treatment plan and prescriptions for cortisone ointments which are working but they are only temporary measures and i don't want to use steroids too much. I only use it when she flares up and the specialist said to only use it for 7-10 days two times a day if there's redness and then to give about 4 days break before using it again (if needed). He gave sigmacort and advanten, which you need prescriptions for.

He also told us of preventive measures, ie 100% cotton clothing, coton sheets. no stuffed toys. good dust mite free cot mattress protector. air filter vacuum cleaner. The list goes on. We're slowly trying to do all this as the initial costs are pretty high ( the mattress protector is $100) the vacuum will be about $400. We're also going to get skin allergy tests done for DD.

I'd really suggest you go see your GP and get a referral as it's best to know what triggers eczema rather than applying creams after creams as this is only temp.

Try a naturopath also, although it may take you a few tries before you're happy with one, i didn't like the one i went to but will be trying another one. They may look at internal solutions rather than giving creams.

Also are you breastfeeding or giving bottle. Some foods you are eating may trigger eczema in your baby, hence the skin allergy tests for your baby. i bottle feed and give my DD Nan HA Gold as this is better for children with allergies and a history of allergies in the family. I gave her normal formula in the beginning and see a big improvement in her skin after changing to Nan HA.

Just realised how long this post has been. Sorry. Hope i have helped a little. Good luck.

DD 18 months

Hi, my oldest use to get it really bad, things that helped were - soap free bath products, only sorbelene for moisturiser, enzyme free washing powder, and no pre-packed wipes except in emergency and when it gets bad still today we use sudocream (not sure about the spelling it is in a grey tub) also had to becareful of citrus fruit when he had it on his face as it tended to make it worse when the juice came into contact, hope that helps.

Leigha''s little men smile

my 4 month old boy came out in a rash over his tummy,back and legs and the doctor said it was eczema and to use QV bath oil, and the QV moisture cream or lotion and it has worked wonders he said not to use any bubbles in the bath, and only use oil based products. hope this helps.
Hi Just found the gretest thing ever "lucas papaw ointment" our 2 yr old has used everything under the sun and we have only just found it. the great thing is you can put it on their face and thumb and they can eat it, our bubs thumb clreared up in 2 days, pity it took use 2 years to find it. hope it helps.
My 5 month old grand daughter is developing eczema on her chest and tummy, our GP prescribed Sigmacort. We use QV wash and QV Cream. The condition seems no good and will go to the dr. again next week

Mary, Sydney

i used medihoney eczeam cream for my boy and it works wonders. it took a while and quite a few dollars to find the right cream for his skin though. so good luck
XMA!!!!!!look up the most amazing product I have ever discovered. I have applied this product 3 times and my 10 month old baby boy's face is almost clear after months of annoying, itching rashes.Like many of you, i tried everything. I discovered this purely by accident on the net and will be raving about it to everyone for ever. It seems pricey-$34 for 125ml(but how can u put a price on your baby's health and happiness -not to mention your own sanity? Besides you only need to apply the tiniest amount.
THE BEST BIT!!! IT IS COMPLETELY NATURAL!!!!(and they actually offer an unconditional money back guarantee if not completely satisfied....but you will be.)
Listen to me...any one would think i was being paid to endorse this product!!!LOL
Good Luck

Julie~mum to Jordyn-12,Jai-9,Eli-5,Kayne-10months!

hi havent read all the replies so sorry if im repeating!
My dd gets flare ups when i drink/eat dairy (though the amount of milk i have in tea seems to be ok!) we dont use any chemicals on her or on anything she comes into contact with, i use home made laundry detergent and bi'carb and vinegar for cleaning, i use a goats milk soap to wash her with and this helps get rid of small flare ups, i will have to 2nd (3rd,4th??) the paw paw ointment it is magical stuff also for anyone breastfeeding, breastmilk works a treat too

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

My sister swore by lucas paw paw - her daughter is now 21 but had it really bad and nothing else worked for her then.

Hi, I can provide you with a solution for excema. Email me at and I will help you.

Hi we started using lucas paw paw ointment on our 2 yr olds thumb (and other parts) as it's safe for them to lick or eat so i would recommend you try that first, but every child is unique so it may not help but at least it's safe.
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