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Gidday,My name is Tamieka I have two kids aged 11wks and the other nearly 3yrs old.Both were born with kidney problems.My oldest Bree she has only one kidney which she has never had any problems with reflux, but my son Dakoda has a duplex kidney system which when he turns 6mths old will need a op called a Ureteric Reimplantation,as he has been diagnosed as having
Vesicoureteric reflux,this is graded 1-5 which 1 being very minor and 5 being very severe,he has the major grade 5.As I have never heard I've this before I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has any words of encouragement for me or have experience this also..........

Tamieka NZ 3yold&3mth

Hi Tamieka,

Sorry i have no info for you on your childrens kidney problems but i'll try on the words of encouragement for you!

I read somewhere recently that god only provides us what we can handle! This being right, you are a strong woman!

Have faith in the fact that Bree is going so well and i'm sure once the Drs fix up Dakoda in a couple of months, he will grow into a healthy little man!!

Look after yourself too, you are the lifeline your children need, so take care,


PS Great name, thats what i named my daughter!! smile

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

i have a firend that maybe able to talk to you
and help you
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