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HELP!!! Lock Rss

Hi guys,
I am after some advise, my daughter 5months screams everytime i put a bottle in her mouth. she was doing this for a while and i took her to the doctor been to see a specialist a few times now and she has been diagnosed with reflux and put onto medication, Zantac three times a day and mylanta when screaming in pain because of the reflux. Once she started the medication she started taking to the bottle again but still crys of pain. you thought colic babies where bad wait to you have a reflux baby. the medication seems to slowly helping with the pain but now starting to not want bottle anymore. Does anyone have any idea? any thing please? She never crys for a bottle anymore i honestly think she would go all day without a bottle.

Tania,SYD,13mth girl. [email protected]

Hi TaniaH, Reflux babies are really hard to handle at times and what might work for my son may not work for your daughter. However just a suggestion how long has it been since your daughter started her medication? Perhaps she needs an increase in her Zantac. Are you feeding her sitting up and are you keeping her in this position for as long as possible? The other thing we found really helped us was a chiropractor. Has your Dr checked your babies ears? This could be a cause for not wanting to suck as it hurts their ears or perhaps she is teething and doesnt want anything in her mouth. I also read in the post about a baby who was doing the same as your daughter and it turned out she had oral thrush. Some babies take themself off bottles for no particular reason as well. Just keep an eye on her weight and try to introduce milk products like yoghurt or cheese if she keeps this up. Its really hit and miss with a reflux baby, I wouldnt wish it on anyone. I use to cry all the time as I felt so sorry for him. It really sadden me to have brought him into the world just to suffer so much pain. Good luck! but if things dont improve pretty soon I would be back off to the Drs regarding the Zantac increase. Also I was advised to use either Zantac or Mylanta but not the both together just check that she may be crying from nausea? Sorry I cant help you more
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