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childhood ezcema Lock Rss

My son is eight months old and experiences terrible ezcema on his chest. I do not use soap in his baths or when washing his clothes or manchester. The only thing doctors have been able to prescribe is sigmacort and I don't want to use this on my baby.
I have also tried alpha kerri lotion and oil, apricot kernel oil, olive oil, sorbolene, oilatum and chickweed gel.

Has anyone tried anything that actually works ??
Just a thought - have you considered it being an allergy? Some times they can be sensitive to lactose, tomatoes... a whole range of food and formulas and even food that you eat that comes through in your breast milk can cause this too. A simple allergy test with a doctor for your son could help and by eliminating the food concerned you'll be amazed. Also, it might be his clothes just irritate his chest.

Good luck.

Erica (son over 1 year)

My sister recommended aqueous cream for eczema and dry skin. It's helped my daughter's skin - she gets occasional patches on her legs and the cream clears it up easily. She's 5 months old. It's very gentle.

Hope that helps.

Phillipa, Mum to Shawna 2 1/2yrs

I also tried all of these and also had no luck. In the end Joshua's ezcema became infected and he needed not only the sigmacort but antibiotics. It has now cleared up, the doctor has recommended to conitnue using non soap products and sobolene for bathing. She also said that he may have wear 100% cotton colthing. Good Luck and I hope you find something that works. I know what it is like not to want to use sigmacort etc. Happy Parenting!! ;0

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Oh goodie,

Some other people with the same problem.

My 8mth old son has it all over his back, his chest, his ankles, wrists, behind his knees, his armpits.

I only bathe him in QV bath oil with Hamiltons soap free for dry skin bath cleanser & only bathe him every 3 days as too much can irritate the skin.

I mix a bit of dermaid (cortizone) with clonea & put it sparingly on the bad bits twice a day with sorbelene the rest of the time. I give him Nurofen to take the inflamation away once/twice a day & wash his stuff in Amolin but it doesn't seem to be getting better.

I'm thinking about taking him to the dr as I'm really concerned now & he's constantly scratching at his chest/neck.

I think I might have to do the allergy test thing but I guess I'm just thinking of the "what if it's lactose intolerence - what a hassle" y'know?
I heard about a lotion called Calendulas Plus. A parent invented this to help their child and apparently it is really effective against ezcema. I'm not sure where to get it though, possible a chemist or health store. If I find out I'll post.

Tammy, mum of twins, Madeline & Patrick

My 9month old son has eczema mainly on his face and legs. He has been trying 2 products ordered from this website (they are based in Queensland)
-Graham's Bath Oil and Calendulis Plus Cream
(There is a great testimonials page and also a list of ingredients used in the formulation)

After using the Bath oil for 2 days his legs were silky smooth and rough patches greatly reduced.
The redness in his face is also greatly reduced. He's been using the products for over 2 weeks now. I've tried QV bath oil and eczema flare up bath oil, Hydraderm, Sudocream, sorbelene but no real relief. He was prescribed Sigmacort, but I try to use it sparingly as a very last resort.

There is also information sent to me that people suffering from inflammatory skin conditions eg eczema are lacking the essential fatty acid omega 3 in their diet. Omega 3 is responsible for the reduction of inflammation in the body. Fish is an excellent source of Omega 3. The website has a product called Mega Oil which is an oil supplement high in omega 3 suitable for young children.

God bless you.

Friday's Child

i am 24yr old and i have a 8week old boy. i love to have email pals. i am new to n.s.w. i lived in qld for 23yrs i love it there.
my email is [email protected]
i do need advice on eczema
the dr's said that i had to stop eating and drinking these things.ryan is breastfeed still. i don't have nuts, dairy products, juices, tomatoes and to avoid carpet, fluffy toys, pets...... and also avoid things that trigger my asthma also. so i am on diet. but he can't give him allergy test yet to young for one.
Ryan had it really bad with his neck and also in creases. he told me to use hydrzole on his neck and is nappy rash. then he has sigmacort 1% on his eczema. then cream on his for his blocked tear duct. he is better but i thing he is allergic to something his rash does get worse when i eat i don't know if he allergic to something i eat but he has approved.


It is so good to feel like I am not alone.

My son had ezcema from the time of his birth. In fact on his Christening Day his skin was so bad we didn't keep him in the gown too long.

I found that Hayden had an allergy to all the J&J products, most likely the fragrance they use. So now we use QV bath oil followed by the cream. (The lotions do not absorb as well.) He looks like a grease slick by the time he is ready for bed. However, it is keeping his skin looking and feeling smooth.

We also switched to Soy formula when he was 9mths old. At first I didn't think it was effective but gradually the area affected diminished to just behind his knees and his feet. I know...a bit strange, but true. I also find when he is unwell the ezcema flares up.

My Dr. gave him an allergy blood test. This only told us that yes he had allergies to dust, nut groups and food groups but nothing more specific. He suggested we need to keep a food diary for all the foods that have an effect on his skin.

Hopefully you are having some luck. We'll have to just keep applying the creams and lotions until something better comes along.

Bouncing Baby Boy, NSW, 14mth boy


I tried Calendulas Plus on Benjamin & it just didn't do a thing, if anything, it seemed to inflame it more.

I ended up using dermeze which is really oily but very good & another cream which is .02% cortizone which has really cleared it up. I only use it when it's inflamed & the rest of the time I try & use the dermeze or sorbelene.
I have an 8 1/2 month baby girl and she has eczema which I am finally able to control now after months of trials etc. I tried everything after getting advice from the health clinic nurses and my doctor and nothing was working. She was really itchy and I was feeling sorry for her as nothing was working. I now find the best thing is to have nothing in the bath as I was using QV oil and other oils meant to be for sensitive skin and they made it worse. My mum found a soap called Goats milk soap designed for very sensitive skin and it really works. She now can have a bath without breaking out and I then put on QV cream afterwards once she is dry. I have now been able to control this for her and she is a much happier little baby. Give it a go, you may need to check with chemist etc in your area to find the goats milk soap. I hope this may help you and anyone else reading.

Terri, NSW, 8 mth baby

hiya justine, you can get all the lotions and potions from the doctors that you want but you have to go back to whats causing the ezcema. definately no cows products, ie. milk, cheese, yougurt, ice cream. no eggs, no soft drinks. substitute cows milk with goats milk or soy products, including soy based formulas. this is proven in my experience. there is no real need for bathing babies in soapy water, soap is harsh and washes all the natural oils away. we drink soy milk at our house and everyone loves it, try it please it will help. good luck.

lynette, WA, 12mth baby

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